The raw movie on Amazon Prime that will shake your emotions; is based on real events and won 173 MILLION dollars

derived from dates holidays of holy week, people have made every time searches more extensive within the various streaming catalogs, this with the aim of finding the best content to enjoy.

Whether in the company of a friend, family member, partner or even in lonelinessthe truth is that for Mexicans, consuming content through platforms of series and movies has established itself more frequently as one of the activities favourites.

Within this scenario, it is worth noting that the offer in the streaming market is wide, especially since the persons were forced to stay for long periods of time in their homes derived from the pandemic.

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What you find on Amazon Prime Video

It is within this context that we know that various platforms have emerged more frequently that promise their users quality content, entertaining, for the whole family and also the most innovative of the market.

Although in Mexico one of the platforms The most used in recent years is Netflix, the truth is that there are platforms that have come to set trends, and one of them is Amazon Prime Video.

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Since its arrival in the streaming market, Amazon Prime Video has established itself as a strong competition for other platforms that already hoarded this market, this mainly because it put in its catalog various iconic series such as Star Trek: Picard, Little Fires Everywhere, ZeroZeroZero, among other.

And it is precisely derived from fanaticism that has already been created in Prime Video in its almost three years in the market, that now users on social networks have requested more and more recommendations of this platform.

That is why we present below the recommendation of a movie that is hosted on HBO Max and that promises to fill its users with emotions, especially since it is a production Horror.

The movie you should not miss on Amazon Prime Video

Within the catalog of Amazon Prime Video a film is housed that is considered by various critics as a cinematographic work, and it is the film “La Mula”, which is directed by the actor Clint Eastwood, who in addition to leading this film also He is the protagonist of the story that grossed 173 million dollars at the box office.

The plot of “La mula” follows the story of Earl Stone (starring Clint Eastwood) who is an old man horticulturist about 90 years old who lives immersed in the sedentary life of a man of his age.

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Earl is also a World War II veteran who is alone and broke, and it is precisely due to his crisis. economical who offer you a job that simply asks you to drive a truck.

The task seems easy enough, but without realizing billwhat he is really doing is transporting cocaine for a dangerous Mexican cartel.

Everything will get complicated and risky for the 90-year-old man when the agent of the DEAplayed by Bradley Cooper, begins to investigate this mysterious mule who transports drugs for the Sinaloa cartel.



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