“We’re all leaving,” director replies to those who ask Chris Pratt to leave Marvel

Twitter users constantly criticize and launch themselves against actor Chris Pratt, they have even called for his dismissal from Marvel tapes; however, filmmaker Gunn came to the defense of the Guardians of the Galaxy protagonist.

MADRID, April 26 (EuropaPres).- Despite the critics of some fans, Chris Pratt will not cease to be star lord. He has so declared James Gunnseries director Guardians of the Galaxywhich has come out again in defending of the actor after it has reignited the campaign from hate that chases you in social media several years.

American actor Chris Pratt. Photo: EFE

Although the filming of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is about to end, some Twitter users are still demanding that another interpreter be found for the role of Star-Lord. One tweet in particular suggested that, given their apparent resemblance, the also star of Jurassic World was replaced by Patrick Wilson, an actor who has appeared in sagas such as Warren expedient either Aquaman.

A complaint that went viral and reached Gunn himself, who has replied with a forceful defense of the figure of Pratt. From his personal Twitter account, the director assures that the negative image that Marvel fans have of Pratt is nothing more than the result of “unfounded and completely false beliefs” that someone has invented to delegitimize the actor. Additionally, Gunn hints that if he were to replace Pratt in the franchise, “the whole team would go with him.”

In response to another user in the same message thread, the principal also denies that Pratt attends a homophobic church. And it is that her alleged belonging to a church with anti-LGBTQ practices and her alleged links with white supremacist movements have been the most used arguments in his smear campaign.

“I know the church you currently attend. Do you? (The answer is no, but you heard it from someone who heard it from someone who heard it from someone who went to that church, so you decided ‘Come on, okay, I’ll believe this terrible thing I’ve read on the internet about this celebrity! )’”, Gunn replies to the criticism.

The last chapter in the campaign of hate in networks that Pratt suffers was lived as a result of Pratt’s non-participation in Voters Assemble!, an initiative organized by the Russo brothers for Marvel actors to raise funds for current President Joe Biden, revived his “cancellation”, assuming that the actor supported Donald Trump.

However, this is not the first time Pratt has faced a massive hate campaign calling for his replacement in a film. When Nintendo broke the news that the actor would lend his voice to the Super Mario character, social networks exploded again, criticizing not only that Pratt had accepted the role, but also that he had to fake an Italian accent for it. .

Despite the reproaches, nothing indicates that Pratt is going to abandon his role as Star-Lord, which will resume on July 8 in Thor Love and Thunderthe fourth installment of the adventures of the “God of Thunder”, in addition to Guardians of the Galaxy 3. A film that, like the rest of the saga, will again be directed by Gunn, who was also involved in a controversy in 2018 after Disney fired him after a series of tweets of his with jokes alluding to rape came to light. , pedophilia or the Holocaust written years ago.

Filmmaker James Gunn. Photo: AP

Finally, and after receiving the support of the fans and the entire cast of the saga, Disney decided to reinstate Gunn.