WWE NXT 2.0: Results April 26, 2022

USA Network Y peacock will broadcast today, April 19, a new episode of WWE NXT 2.0, with Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett at the commentary table, live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. This week’s show has several attractions, such as the combat between Nikkita Lyons and Lash Legenda mixed fight between Ghost Legacy and Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley; and a clash between Just Sikoa and Trick Williams around the NXT North American Championship.

Nikkita Lyons walking to the ring backstage opens the show. Lyons makes her entrance to the arena to the applause of those present. Lash Legend makes her entrance under a general boo.

Nikkita Lyons vs. lash legend
Lyons starts with everything on Legend, without letting her breathe, but Lash recovers and dominates the fight. Legend throws Lyons to ringside, grabs her hair and slams her against the metal ladder. Slam against the canvas and Legend looks for the account but only reaches two. Lyons gets up with powerful kicks and suplexes on Lash. Lyons finishes off Legend with precision over her head and takes the win.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons.

Natalya appears out of nowhere and hits Lyons from behind, Legend adds to the beating they are about to give her, but Cora Jade arrives to make the save and throw them both out of the ring.

Tony D’Angelo assures that there is no problem that he cannot face Xyon Quinn tonight, that he does not care, that he will do it against Von Wagner. He sends a warning message to Santos Escobar as to the outcome of the fight.

Roderick Strong faces his team behind the scenes and tells them that they must be honest and self-critical with the bad moment. He claims that Diamond Mine is too good to fall apart as his last stable. So things must be taken seriously. He berates the Creed Brothers for losing their shot at the tag team titles and thinking they’re on top. The Creed try to retort but Strong expresses that they are just excuses and tells them that they will have a fight against some former champions next week. The Viking Raiders appear and confront the Creed.

We see a video from last week between Bron Breakker and Joe Gacy, in what is the advance of their rivalry.

Von Wagner (with Robert Stone) vs. Tony D’Angelo
D’Angelo tries to flip Wagner but it’s too big for his strength and Wagner knocks him to the canvas. D’Angelo tries punches to the face but they don’t affect Wagner, who throws him with slams. He does manage to get him out to ringside with a lariat but Wagner quickly returns and has him on the canvas. Tony manages to hit Wagner’s head and makes him dizzy to start dominating the fight. But Wagner leaves him lying with a Clothesline. Legacy of the Ghost wants to distract D’Angelo and succeeds, to which Santos Escobar takes advantage and hits him in the leg with his cane. Wagner hits him with a boot when he went up to the ring and takes the win.

Winner: Von Wagner.

Roxanne Perez is backstage talking to Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta about her debut last week. Toxic Attraction appears and Mandy Rose expresses that she smells like garbage. She also downplays Perez’s win because Wendy Choo interrupted him. But Perez blurts out that a win is a win and invites Rose to show him that it wasn’t a fluke. Mandy replies that she will teach him that she is to be a champion with respect to someone who only dreams of being one.

We see Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henely prepare for the fight against Legacy of the Ghost. Sofia Cromwell spends seducing Jensen, to which he is distracted and Briggs tells him that he should focus on tonight’s match.

Chase University are on the rooftop, celebrating Nathan Frazer’s debut, but when the rookie walks in, his rival is attacked from behind. It is Grayson Waller, with a microphone, claiming that it is his NXT and he is the star. He calls out to Sanga but sees Chase University and confronts them and insults them. Chase approaches the ring but Frazer dives in and hits him with Dropkicks. Chase University and Nathan Frazer celebrate together in the ring.

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter vs. Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz
Chance and Carter take over quickly and with a lot of frenzy to neutralize the rivals, they also control them flush with the canvas, but they are persistent and stay on their feet until they manage to reverse roles and dominate the combat based on speed. Feroz breaks away from Carter’s count of three, but tries to make her surrender with an armbar, to no avail. Both finish off Feroz from the corner and take the win.

Winners: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.

Brooks Jensen is down in the wings, holding his leg and with officers and doctors around tending to him. His teammates try to get closer but the doctors tell them that it is impossible for him to compete tonight. Jensen wants to go to the fight even in his state. Briggs is furious and blames Legacy of the Ghost and someone else, calling them “them”, for what happened.

We are presented with a promotional video of Kay Lee Ray with her new name and reincarnation: Dawn Fyre.

Legacy of the Ghost (Joaquin Wilde, Cruz del Toro and Elektra Lopez) vs. Josh Briggs and Fallon Henely
Jensen was attacked by Von Wagner while distracted by Cromwell before the match and was disabled for the match. Briggs and Henley attack Ghost Legacy during their entrance and are not allowed to recover. Wilde and Del Toro begin to move with relays, with Briggs caged in his corner, softening him up with suplexes and kicks. The six exchange comebacks and quick hits in the ring but it all culminates with a Briggs arm lock and the Ghost Legacy shot for victory.

Winners: Legacy of the Phantom.

Natalya claims that Cora Jade is a stupid little skater and that next week on NXT Spring Breakin’, she will kick her ass and break her legs. Legend is excited to team up with Natalya, such an experienced fighter. In addition, she assures that she nbada has finished with Lyons and that she feels ready for the Breakout Tournament.

Cameron Grimes arrives to add to the commentary table for the next fight.

Solo Sikoa vs. Trick Williams (with Carmelo Hayes)
Williams starts off better, and taunts Sikoa, who tries to flip him over but measures him. Now Sikoa comes forward with several whiplashes to the arm and lariats. But Williams knocks him down and stomps on him. Sikoa manages to counter Williams’ attacks. He blocks a spin kick and sends it into a corner. He applies a Samoan Drop to it and launches with a Frog Splash for the victory.

Winner: Solo Sikoa.

As Grimes and Sikoa face each other post-fight, Hayes walks in, takes Sikoa away and kicks the champion. Hayes falls over after Grimes’s reaction and Sikoa stares at the three of them before leaving.

We are shown Edris Enofe and Malik Blade backstage, where Blade is unsure of his abilities and fears for the fight they will have today. Enofe cheers him on in front of the mirror and Blade excitedly walks out to face the Viking Raiders.

In the middle of his celebration for tonight’s victory, Santos Escobar assures that he does not believe Tony D’Angelo that he does not know who attacked him last week, so today he sent him a message with that blow with the cane and now they are at hand.

The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) vs. Edris Enofé and Malik Blade
The members of SmackDown begin to dominate strongly, due to the difference in physique, with arm locks and whips against the canvas, but little by little the rivals have their moments and apply dropkicks to intimidate. However, the stamina is higher on the Vikings and they finish off opponents with no chance for them to react.

Winners: The Viking Raiders.

After the fight, the Vikings celebrate but wait for Enofe and Blade to recover to shake their hands as a sign of respect. But The Creed Brothers appear to face them in the preview of their fight next week.

In a video on the beach, Wes Lee recounts that it took six long months to get the NXT Tag Team Championships, which was a unique feeling for him, so he will work to get it again. Even though he can’t forget his past, he should stop complaining and put more effort on his shoulders to get to the next level and the next challenges.

We see D’Angelo furious at Santos Escobar’s words and attack during his match with Von Wagner, and no one comes out unscathed after threatening The Don of NXT. D’Angelo claims that if Escobar has his team, so does he, to which he calls his henchmen Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. Now Escobar will know what it’s like to mess with Tony D.

Mandy Rose vs. Roxanne Perez
The champion starts strong, with stampedes against Perez and taking her to the ropes to tie her up there. Rose tries to handle her arm but Perez is quick on her legs and rolls up the champion. Perez bites Rose’s finger to stop her from grabbing her face and while Rose complains about her, Perez looks for her account that she reaches two. At ringside, Perez hits her against the metal ladder. Back from the commercials, Mandy dominates Perez’s body and, before each Roxanne escape attempt, Rose grabs her waist again and against the ropes. Perez tries to fend her off with some punches, on the ground and in the air, but the champion is more cunning, she blocks a Code Red and finishes her off with a knee, a crossbody and another knee for the win.

Winner: Mandy Rose.

While Toxic Attraction celebrates, Wendy Choo tries to attack them from behind but they manage to flee to the ramp. They make fun of her but Choo presses a button and a net falls on the champions. They free themselves from the net, but are sprayed with a substance from guns and run in fear while Choo and Perez chase them.

In another promotional video, this time for the Breakout Tournament, we are introduced to Sloane Jacobs, formerly known as Notorius Mimi. She assures that being 19 years old, she sees herself as the underdog but that she has worked hard to get where she is and that winning this tournament is the way to be the NXT women’s champion.

Joe Gacy is seen backstage with his disciples. He exclaims that they are going to change the world, to which he gets up and is followed by his henchmen. He takes a microphone already in the ring and assures that a very hard and long work was done to defend people discriminated against because of their weight, so that they have a place in this world. He expresses that NXT is the clay that he has been molding in this time, adaptation clay, so that everyone is accepted equally, but that despite the great progress, the mission is not yet complete.

He exclaims that there are still people who do not accept the change or the new adaptation, so he wants to separate them from NXT forever, that after NXT Spring Breakin’ they will have no other option. Gacy knows that Bron Breakker is unable to defend the NXT title due to the injury he caused him last week. His fall from grace. So next week, he will be crowned the new NXT champion and everything will be complete.

The music of Rick Steiner plays, who with a thunderous support from the public, confronts Gacy and tells him that he is lying; that Bron if he is fit to fight and will defend his title next week. Gacy asks if it was a good idea to go out right now. In that, Bron’s music plays, he leaves his title and attacks all of Gacy’s disciples. Some take Rick hostage, and others shield Gacy, but Breakker takes them all out and waits for Gacy, but Gacy runs away and manages to flip him onto the mat. The henchmen pick up the belt and hand it to Gacy. Joe Gacy celebrates under his music, boos and the NXT Championship.

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