10 Sun Rags Revealed On The TENTH DAY Of Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Trial

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard went through another day of trial, where the actor accuses the actress of defaming him for domestic abuse.

As expected, many scandalous details were revealed, so here is a compilation of what happened.Advertisements

1. Several Police Officers Testified That They Saw “No Signs of Violence” When They Went to Johnny and Amber’s Apartment

Officer Hadden and Officer Gatlin were the ones who answered the “domestic violence” call, requested by Amber Heard.

In the statement, both officers agreed that the place did not show signs of violence, Mrs. Heard did not show a reddened face, nor was she afraid.

Both said that Amber Heard refused to cooperate, did not tell them anything, or give them any details of what had happened. Both believe that what they had was only a verbal argument.


2. The building’s janitor made Johnny Depp laugh by saying, “I’ll be honest, I don’t want any trouble and I want this to be over as quickly as possible.”

Alejandro Romero is the janitor of one of Johnny Depp’s buildings. Romero gave a prerecorded statement that he made everyone laugh, including Johnny.

“I will be honest with you, I did not read any of the papers that were sent to me. Everyone has problems, I don’t want more. I want this to be over as quickly as possible.”

Romero recorded his statement from his car.

3. The janitor said that “Amber called him scared because someone wanted to enter the apartment and it turns out it was his dog”

The janitor recounted an event, in which Amber Heard called him frightened, denouncing that someone had tried to break into his apartment.

“When I went to see, there were some marks 10 centimeters from the floor.”

“In my mind I said, ‘Oh God! Do you really think that someone wanted to enter your apartment by making marks on your door?’”

“I had to tell him that those marks were made by his dog, when he stayed outside and wanted to go back in.”

After this statement, Johnny burst out laughing, as did his other lawyers.

4. The janitor started smoking and driving while making a statement

Alejandro Romero continued his statement and while listening to a question, he could be seen smoking his vaporizer, releasing large amounts of smoke.

At one point he could also be seen driving his car while answering a question.

5. The judge said it was one of the weirdest things she’s seen in her entire career.

The judge in charge of the case, Penney Azcarate, was surprised and with a comical expression, after seeing Romero’s statement.

“That was weird. One of the strangest things I’ve seen in my career,” said the judge.


6.Johnny Depp was seen drawing in full trial

During one of the most bizarre moments of the trial, Johnny was seen drawing and painting a face, while they waited for the statement of one of the witnesses.

The moment was picturesque, as the actor looked quite serious as if he was writing something important, but in the end he could be seen sharing his art with his lawyer, who found it amusing.

7. Johnny and Amber’s agent also testified and said something that hurt Amber

Johnny and Amber’s former agent, Christian Carino, also gave a statement.

The lawyers asked Mr. Carino: “What types of news are the ones that negatively affect the career of an actor?”

“All news has an impact on the career of actors. News such as a “divorce” has no impact, but the news of an assault or family violence can cause producers not to want to work with that actor. And that happened to Johnny in Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter.”


8. The agent said that “Amber never fell in love with Elon Musk”

Christian Carino also witnessed Amber’s courtship with Elon Musk.

“Amber only dated Elon Musk for a few months, after her split with Depp.”

“She confessed to me that she was not in love with him, but she hated when breakups were made public.

I told him that maybe he should start avoiding dating ‘super famous’ people, to have a little private life.