After the “tiraera” of Residente to J Balvin, now the Argentine Paulo Londra vents against the Colombian label Big Ligas

The Argentine singer had legal problems with the Big Ligas label, so he was out of music for almost two years. Photo: Screenshot – YouTube

Almost two months after BZRP Music Sessions #49 was published, in which the Puerto Rican singer Resident, former member of Calle 13, spoke about J Balvin and generated a huge controversy, the Argentine producer Bizarrap unveiled his new musical collaboration, one that was expected by many of his followers and that has also been widely commented on social networks in recent hours, the BZRP Music Sessions #23 with Argentine singer Paulo Londra.

The new song by the Argentine singer was published last Monday, April 25, and from the beginning Bizarrap presented some drawbacks since this collaboration was released first on the Spotify platform, while on YouTube it had a delay of more than an hour and 15 minutes; According to the Argentine producer, this was due to some inconvenience when uploading the video to the platform.

The reason why Residente’s song is number 49 and Paulo Londra’s number 23 is because Bizarrap had reserved this for his compatriot, since it has had enormous meaning throughout his career and due to some legal problems that had London with the label Big Ligas and the Colombian producer Ovy on the Drums (Daniel Oviedo), that prevented him from making music for a little over two years, this being the reason why it was not published before.

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Paulo Londra and Ovy on the Drums.  Photo: @paulolondra
Paulo Londra and Ovy on the Drums. Photo: @paulolondra

Paulo Londra left the music scene in 2019 due to a legal conflict he had with the Big Ligas label, in which the Colombians Ovy on the Drums (Daniel Oviedo) and Cristian Salazar (Kristoman) were, since according to the Argentine, they wanted to keep all the musical rights of the Argentine singer, including lyrics and even his voice, until December 2020 (and later it was extended until 2025 after signing with Warner Music), which is why the interpreter of songs like ‘Condemned for the million’, ‘Nena curse’ . ‘Dímelo’ and ‘Adan y Eva’ decided to go to court.

The conflict arose because in 2017 they allegedly forced Londra to sign some contracts without him having full knowledge of their content. In a letter published by the Argentine in 2020, he affirms that Ovy (Daniel Oviedo) told him that those papers “They were worth nothing, if I was dissatisfied, that paper could be torn or revised at any time, and the way he told me and in the context he was in, I can only believe him.”

And I add, “The next day, Stephanie Chopurian and Matt Greenberg (lawyers) showed up by video call and explained to me about numbers that I never understood and about a contract that is difficult to understand even for a lawyer. The explanation was so short that it only lasted about half an hour, I couldn’t and I did not want to accept that they had made me sign something without seeing, without a lawyer by my side, and without the possibility of discussing it with someone close to me”.

After several years without Londra making music, a US court released the Argentine singer from that contract signed with Big Leagues. On March 23, 2022, the singer published his first single called ‘Plan A’, a song that has more than 100 million views on YouTube and has remained a trend, and on April 6 he released the song ‘Chance’ , this being his second single since being released from the label.

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Paulo Londra – Bizarrap Sessions 23

One of the most anticipated songs was the meeting of the successful producer Bizarrap with Paulo Londra, who in the BZRP Music Sessions #23 he left several lines in reference to what happened to him in the past. In the music video that already has more than 13 million views on YouTube (in less than 24 hours), there are several emotional moments where the singer is even seen to drop some tears.

Always blessed, even if they speak ill of mine and the journalist is making a mess, I don’t care about that, I’m still on my own, people know what I’m like and that’s why they’re with me”, is one of the lines left by the Argentine singer in the song, while the chorus is a reflection of what the artist feels after being able to make music again after two years. “Because I feel that I once got lost and today I got up, I can say that I came back.”

Session 23 is the third song published by Paulo Londra since his return to the music scene. “I did it, thanks to everyone crazy, I’m very happy” The Argentine singer published in one of his stories on Instagram.


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