Amber Heard and the diagnosis that has been heard in the state

In case of Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard has grabbed the headlines thanks to the live broadcast of the trial taking place in California, in which the actor has accused his ex-wife of defamation. Although it seemed that everything was said after the actors faced each other in a first trial in the United Kingdom -in which Heard won-, his statements continue to give much to talk about. The clips from the trial have become a viral phenomenon and every day there is a new video that floods social networks. This Tuesday was the one in which the forensic psychologist hired by Johnny Depp’s legal team gave a diagnosis on Amber Heard after spending a few hours with her. Despite the fact that the defense tried to undermine the expert, pointing out that her hiring had taken place at a casual dinner with Depp and that she does not have certain credentials, Dr. Shannon Curry’s words went around the world.



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In his testimony, Curry explained that after his observation in the two meetings he had with Heard, he found consistent signs of borderline personality disorder, as well as histrionic personality disorder. In addition to this, the psychologist pointed out that she found signs that the actress had “exaggerated” the alleged post-traumatic stress, which according to her, her expertise determined that she does not suffer as a result of her relationship with the actor. This, she explained, is analyzed through a test with different questions in which it can be established whether a person has gone through this.

According to her testimony, the psychologist explained that at first she had been hired to determine the status of Heard and Depp’s relationship, looking for features of domestic violence, but that at the end of last year she was asked for a psychological evaluation of the actress. In her description, there was a moment that resonated strongly on social networks, due to the theories that have been handled since the beginning of this trial. Explaining the behavior of people with these personality disorders, she said: “They take on the personality of people they want to be around. The way they dress, their interests, the way they talk”, which has been linked to the bizarre decision to dress like Depp during the trial.


Heard’s reaction

As Curry was questioned and at the time she gave her conclusion about the disorders that the actress supposedly had and did not have, Heard was seen gesturing while taking detailed notes. On more than one occasion, it seemed that she was rolling her eyes, demeriting what was said in court, so it would not be strange that when it was her turn to testify, she would refer to what was said on the stand.

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What is borderline personality disorder

According to the Mayo Clinic, this disorder includes self-image problems, difficulty managing emotions, and a pattern of unstable relationships. People with this disorder have a deep fear of abandonment, as well as problems with excessive anger, impulsiveness, as well as frequent mood swings.

What is histrionic personality disorder

According to the MSD Manual, they are characterized by a demand to be the center of attention, inappropriately seductive interaction with others, and a dramatic expression of emotion. The famous medical manual highlights about people who have it: “They can try to control their partner using seduction or emotional manipulation while becoming very dependent on the partner.”