Amber Heard booed on her way out of the trial

Recently, they have revealed that the famous actress Amber Heard was booed upon leaving the trial against Johnny DeppIn addition, it was shown through a video shared on social networks.

And it seems that Amber Heard does not have people on her side, because while Johnny Depp receives flowers and support, she is booed and shown disapproval.

A video has circulated on various social networks in which the moment in which Amber leaves the judgment that takes place between Johnny Depp and her.

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In the video we can see the actress getting into a black van, while some people boo her and hold banners expressing their support for Depp.

Later, they celebrate having confronted the actress, and wait for the actor to leave, to whom they give flowers and shows of support.

It is worth mentioning that this Tuesday, April 26, the tenth day of Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard for defamation took place, in which the actor asks for 50 million dollars in compensation for the labor problems caused by the fact that the actress accused of raping her.


However, the actress has not been able to prove that she was a physical victim of Deep, on the contrary, some photographs were presented in which the actor was injured by Heard.

In the same way, a conversation was presented in which Elon Musk himself offers to organize security 24 hours a day, seven days a week for her.

It should be remembered that there were rumors that the actress was unfaithful to Depp with the founder of Tesla and even that there is a very private video where she makes a kind of threesome with another famous woman.

On the other hand, in these latest statements, the psychologist Shannon Curry, who was hired by the actor, stated that the actress suffers from two types of mental disorders, such as borderline personality disorder and histrionic disorder.

The Cleveland Clinic calls histrionic personality disorder a mental health condition, part of a group of conditions called dramatic personality disorders.

While borderline personality disorder, described by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), is a mental illness that severely aggravates a person’s ability to modulate their emotions.

With the loss of emotional control, impulsiveness and self-esteem increase, imminently impacting their relationship with other people.

In fact, yesterday afternoon an alleged news was released where they point out that the actor commented that although he has been abused both physically and mentally, everything will always be in her favor.

However, a possible audio emerged in which Amber herself is the one who told Depp that they would never believe everything she did to him.

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