Five Penelope Cruz films to celebrate her birthday

On April 28, 1974, a little girl who would become a legend was born in Alcobendas, Madrid: Penelope Cruz Sanchezmostly known as Penelope Cruz.

Daughter of an Extremaduran merchant who worked in a car dealership and an Andalusian owner of a hairdressing salon, discovered his vocation at an early age and in one of his many trips to the movies with his brothers, Mónica and Eduardo, to see the premieres that came to town; but, it was at the age of fifteen that he knew that I wanted to be an actress after seeing “Tie me up!”, a film by Pedro Almodóvar starring Victoria April. What Penelope did not know was that her dream of being an actress would be fulfilled by the hand of that great director who today has her as a muse.