Hailey Bieber had surgery to close a hole in her heart after a stroke

Hailey Bieber detailed the “horrible experience” of her most recent surgical intervention / Photo: AFP

haley bieber spoke for the first time about a succession of serious ailments that led her to be heart surgery due to a stroke. The model and wife of Justin Bieber detailed what happened March 10th in a video of his YouTube channel about how was the “horrible nightmare” who suffered in the hospital.

What happened to Hailey Bieber?

One morning haley bieber described feeling a “weird feeling” on her right arm as she sat having breakfast with her husband, Justin Bieber. The your fingertips they felt “numb and weird,” she says, and when the Canadian asked her if she was okay, she found that “could not talk”.

“The right side of my face began to fall, I could not utter a sentence (…) Immediately, I thought I was having a stroke.”

haley bieber

An medical who they contacted immediately began to examine her when they called an ambulance. The face droop It lasted 30 seconds, but I was fighting for formulate words to answer the questions put to him. According to his own testimony, his anxiety was “making everything worse.”

“By the time I got to the ER, I was pretty much back to normal: I could talk and I didn’t have any problems with my face or my arm.

haley bieber

The first problems

haley bieber spent the night in the hospital and underwent a series of tests to investigate a blood clot and determine what had caused it. He got a 0 on the checklist strokes in the emergency room and was no longer experiencing any symptoms.

Tests revealed that he had suffered a TIA, a transient ischemic attackoften called mini stroke. Scans of her showed that she experienced a lack of oxygen to your brain for a while, caused by the blood clot.

His doctors said that a set of recent events had contributed to the stroke. haley bieber just started taking contraceptives without talking to his doctor and, as he suffered from migraines often the natality control was causing problems.

The “perfect storm” for Hailey Bieber

According to his statement, he had also had COVID-19 recently and had been traveling “from Paris and back in a very short time”. She was discharged the next morning after her doctors believed that the three recent events came together in one “Perfect storm“.

They did not know how the blood clot to the brain of haley bieber and they did not believe that he suffered a PFOa small opening in the heart which usually closes after birth.

Later he visited the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) for follow-up, where he was diagnosed with a PFO after undergoing a transcranial dopplera “more precise” and “deep” ultrasound test used to detect strokes caused by blood clots.

He was diagnosed with a Grade 5 FOP, the “highest degree” possible. The small hole measured between 12 and 13 millimeters. At that moment, haley bieber said she was “grateful” to learn what had caused the stroke.

The operation to close the hole in his heart

Usually a blood clot it is filtered by the heart and absorbed by the lungs. Because of his PFOblood clot “escaped” through his heart and traveled to his brain. haley bieber he then underwent a procedure to close the PFO on the recommendation of his doctor.

A small button-like object was inserted through the Femoral vein into your groin to close the small hole. Eventually the fabric of your heart it will grow back around the closure device. The American shared that the closure procedure of the PFO went “very well” and that he is recovering completely.

In it pre-closing periodsuffered a very strong anxiety about the possibility of future symptoms or other similar small stroke. Now she is ready to look forward.

“The biggest thing that I feel is that I feel really relieved that we were able to figure everything out, that we were able to close it, that I will be able to get through this really scary situation and just live my life.”

haley bieber

The consequences on the health of Hailey Bieber

haley bieber now takes aspirin daily, as well as anticoagulants and shared that he no longer suffers from any related symptom. At the end of the video, she shares a special thanks to the doctors who helped treat her throughout the process.

“If there is anyone watching this who has been through the same thing or something similar, I definitely sympathize with you a lot (…) And I understand how life-altering and how scary it is.”

haley bieber

He said he wanted to wait until the process and “everything would have been fine” before publicly sharing the details of the experience. She announced for the first time that she had suffered a small stroke in an Instagram post on March 12 and said that since it was already “a bit public”, he wanted to give a full explanation.