Jane Fonda Says She’s ‘Full Of Dildos’ Thanks To Grace & Frankie Fans

“I’m a huge fan of vibrators,” she says. jane fonda looking directly at the camera during the 20-minute video, “A Farewell to 7 Seasons of Grace and Frankie,” which he posted Netflix on his YouTube channel to remember and say goodbye to the successful series that will come to an end this week on Netflix, after 7 seasons and 94 episodes.

The sitcom from the creator of friends, Martha Kauffman, who star Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin sadly comes to an end this Friday, after becoming the longest-running program in the history of Netflix. This staggering record is only made more amazing when you take into account the fact that the average age of its main cast is 82 years old. However, since its premiere in 2015, the comedy has become a sensational success with audiences of all ages.