Monica Garza launches new program

Monica Garza during a program. (Linked Stories/YouTube)

Mónica Garza will be back with the programs that made her so successful during the first two decades of the century. Now it will be different, as she herself announced, because the interviews will be uploaded to YouTubea platform on which, incidentally, he has accumulated great success with 171 million views, since his interviews on Linked Stories they had a distinctive feature: they were timeless and could be enjoyed at any time.

The news was announced by Monica herself in windowinga program that opened the door to television journalism for him in the 1990s. According to what he said, the production will be called The Egret’s Nest and each interview will take place in your home. Also, just as she did in Linked Stories, each broadcast will be divided into two parts, so there will be a new guest every 15 days. The journalist and presenter announced who will be her first guest: Leonardo Curzio, prestigious radio host and academic focused on political issues

Garza, who has also ventured into political journalism with shows like campaigning, made it clear that he feels very comfortable with the freedom he enjoys on social networks, which will be reflected in his new program that will have the fundamental support of Iyari Gonzálezwho was already her producer during the successful stage that both lived in Historias Engarzadas.

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“I am happy, I am doing an exercise. I suddenly feel as if the chains have been removed. The Internet gives you permission to do everything: to say what you want, how you want, to be with whoever you want. There are no television and radio vetoes, or newspaper vetoes”, highlighted Monica in a conversation with her colleagues.

Although the program brings to mind the inevitable reminiscences of Linked Storiesthere is a very important differential factor that Garza will apply in his new project: the interviews will be focused on journalists. According to the presenter, there are already several recorded programs that will be posted on YouTube in the coming months, and they all have to do with journalists linked to different sources of information. That professional curiosity is, according to Garza’s account, the main motivation of The Egret’s Nest.

“Many times we all know each other, we all tell stories about politics, sports, shows and very few people know what happens to the reporter, the news anchor. When he stands in front of a screen like he doesn’t have a life of his own and he has to go out and do the news and face an audience that’s completely different,” he noted.

In the early 2000s, Monica revolutionized talk shows. Her program made a key difference because she not only sat a celebrity in front of the cameras to learn about her life: she carried out a whole investigation to reconstruct the key moments of each guest. Personalities from different fields paraded through the program: José José, Lucía Méndez, Raúl Velasco, Kate del Castillo, Christian Martinoli, Pedro Sola, Edith Gonzálezjust to mention a few, because one of the key aspects of the program was the wide spectrum that it covered: they were never closed to a theme or character.

Garza’s interviews somehow avoided the dark and serious tone that accompanied the interview. Story behind the myththe other great talk show of that time, which was hosted by Atala Sarmiento. Its content was very entertaining and it was committed to reaching a more familiar audiencefor the same reason it was broadcast earlier (9 PM), while Sarmiento’s program began at 11 PM and ended at midnight.

Over the past few years, talk shows have been booming on YouTube. Even a year ago, Garza accused one show in particular of being a copy of what she started two decades ago. Although he did not name names, his followers wrote that the hint was directed at Gustavo Adolfo Infante. The truth is that, beyond the great offer that exists today, viewers will be able to see again the interviewer who 20 years ago did what everyone does today.


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