Movie ‘From My Sky’ is inspired by a real femicide

The discovery of the body without life of Debanhi Escobar shocked all of Mexico given the mystery surrounding the case. Millions of people from Mexico and other countries compared this tragedy with the one narrated in the movie ‘From My Sky’which speaks of a real femicide that took place in 1973.

Content like this tape and series like “The Search” became a trend on Netflix, which portrays the case of Paulette Gebara, a girl who disappeared from her bed 9 days later was found lifeless right there.

The previously mentioned film is based on the novel “The Lovely Bones”, written by Alice Sebold, which was released in 2002 and tells the story of Sussie Salmon, reported missing and desperately searched by her parents.

The story of the narrated femicide shook all those who have seen the tape, since it is an exact reflection of what thousands of women suffer.

From My Heaven was based on real events

Movie 'From My Sky' is inspired by a real femicide

The real story happened in 1973

The story of Linda Ann O’Keefe inspired the creation of Susie Salmon. She was an 11-year-old girl who on July 6, 1973 was the victim of a serial femicide who was arrested 45 years after this tragic event.

As the film narrates, Linda was a fan of riding a bicycle and many times that was her means of transportation to school. The day of her death she was in summer class, but she walked to school.

She was wearing a blue embroidered dress that her mother made for her. This part is also portrayed in the film, as Susie puts on a hat knitted by her mother, and to which a lot of prominence is given.

When classes ended, the minor was seen talking to a stranger in a van, very close to the intersection of Marguerite Drive and Inlet Drive, in Newport. She was walking home because her mom told her that he couldn’t pick her up because she had a lot of work.

This was the last call he had with his daughter, because the next day, she was found dead in a ditch in the Back Bay area. On her corpse there was a DNA sample, but due to the lack of technology, it could not be processed.

His killer was arrested 45 years later, on February 19, 2019. The subject stopped working at a construction company after committing the crime.

This case shocked the entire community, as many data were revealed that remained unsolved when he abused Linda. In the same year of her murder, at least two women from the area saw the little girl approaching the truck and one more of hers, she heard her scream when she was attacked, but none alerted the police.

What is the message of the film From my Heaven?

Movie 'From My Sky' is inspired by a real femicide

The tape was released in the middle of 2009

It tells the story of a family whose life changed from one moment to another when their daughter did not return home after leaving school. The story fills viewers with hope given how close the inspectors were to finding the young woman’s femicide.

The mystery of Linda Ann was narrated in From My Sky. The film provokes many emotions, because the end is the least expected.

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