Netflix hits Will Smith where it can bother him the most

Will Smith He is still living the consequences of his commented smack to Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. After the world saw his violent reaction to the comedian’s unfortunate comment to Jada Picket Smith, the actor had no choice but to resign his status as Academic , was banned from all Oscar events for 10 years and companies like Sony or Netflix began to put many of their projects in limbo. Precisely, has been Netflix the last company to give what could be the final blow to Smith canceling one of the most anticipated productions of the actor’s filmography.

Will Smith in David Ayer’s Bright (Photo: Matt Kennedy/Netflix)

It is the sequel to Brightthe action film directed by David Ayer that came to the streaming platform in 2017 leading the rankings of the service and generating a wide conversation on social networks. If we remember, the critics destroyed this buddy-movie about a Los Angeles police officer who shared duty with an orc brought to life by Joel Edgerton. On review compilation websites such as Rotten Tomatoes, it obtained a 27% disapproval from specialized critics and on Metacritic it had to settle for a score of 29/100. But the public reacted very differently.

In its debut on Netflix five years ago, the platform announced that it was the most watched movie in its premiere week, while audience measurement services such as Nielsen estimated that as many as 11 million viewers in the United States came to see Bright in its first three days. In fact, this public admiration for Bright It is also seen on Rotten Tomatos or Metacritic, where, in stark contrast to professional media reviews, viewers gave it 83% positive reviews and an average of 7.1/10 respectively. And it is that Will Smith has always been an actor capable of arousing passions among the public, and the spectators did not take long to fall in love with this story of police officers and magical creatures.

That is why it was not strange that Netflix announced the development of a sequel and that Bright It will go on to be one of the recent titles that Smith fans liked the most. However, despite the success, the project has ended up canceled after the recent events with the actor. As pointed out in Twitter journalists like Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg, the dispense with the sequel Bright It’s not necessarily tied to Chris Rock’s smackdown at the Oscars, but it’s because the movie was going through a lot of production issues. However, it is not unreasonable to imagine that it is due to the combination of both factors. Especially now that Netflix is ​​going through serious trouble keeping subscribers.

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What is clear is that Smith is once again left without one of his star projects, which further throws his good name in the industry overboard. And not only that, but it is a sequel that was going to allow him to get closer to that public that always supported him so much. The one that consumes all of his films and makes them sweep the audience no matter how much the critics say otherwise, being a close relationship to which Smith dedicated himself fully throughout his entire career. And for that very reason it seems like the thrust that can bother or affect him the most, because it is the cancellation of a project that was going to allow him to make the most of his close relationship with the audience. The one that he cared for so much, to which he dedicated so many hours signing autographs on countless red carpets.

Furthermore, the news seems to mark the final break in his relationship with the streaming giantsince Netflix, after the Oscar incident, already announced that it would not go ahead with Fast and Loose, another of the films he was preparing with Smith. And if we add that Sony also paused another great title like the fourth part of Two rogue policemenit seems clear that Smith must begin to fear for the position he will occupy in Hollywood in the coming yearswhere the industry is going to stop treating him like that great charismatic star whom the public adores unceremoniously.

It is possible that when the waters calm down, Hollywood will pamper Will Smith again and the public will enter the game of adoring the actor again, especially valuing the sure value at the box office and spectators that he always brought with him. But for now, Smith is losing even small projects due to the null economic and image risk that studios, platforms and even television channels want to run. There is more to see that even National Geographic has paralyzed a documentary series called Pole-to-Pole, a production that was to follow the actor on his visit to the poles. And it is that Smith has a serious problem. And of course, that now Netflix has canceled another star project like Bright 2 It has felt like a blow that, in addition to leaving us with more doubts about his near future in Hollywood, hits the actor in the depths of his pride and image.

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