Premiere films in theaters at Cinépolis and Cinemex starting April 28 – NewsDio

It’s premiere Thursday! The Cinépolis and Cinemex billboards have welcomed films such as ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’, ‘The Weight of Talent’, ‘C’mon C’mon’, among many other titles.

As the weekly tradition dictates, the billboard of Cinépolis and Cinemex has welcomed premiere films What Downton Abbey: A New Age; the weight of talenta comedy starring Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal; C’mon C’mon: Always forward, the return of Joaquin Phoenix in a drama that explores a lonely man’s relationship with a boy. And if terror is your thing, then you might consider The grandmother.

And if your thing is to buy days in advance and have your movie experience assured, don’t forget that you can also find some presales like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Y Jurassic World: Dominion. Now make yourself comfortable because we are going to take a look at all the premieres that hit the Cinépolis and Cinemex billboards starting this April 28.

‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’

Downton Abbey: A New Agereunites the famous cast to enter a new adventure that begins when some members of the Crawley family must make a trip to the south of France to discover the mystery of the villa recently inherited from the Dowager Countess. After Violet receives a letter informing her that she has become the owner of a huge estate in the south of France, thanks to an inheritance from an old friend she met decades ago.

Now, she must travel to the village to find out what is happening but, obviously, the rest of the family decides to travel with her to unravel the mystery, and that is how Robert, Cora and other members move with her. On the other hand, Lord Grantham receives a call from a film company director who needs his help for his latest film.. Although he doesn’t like the idea too much, the exuberant offer will lead him to leave Mary in charge of her and let her do what she does best.

‘The weight of talent’

Creatively frustrated and strapped for money, Nicolas Cage decides to accept a million dollars in exchange for attending the birthday party of a super fan who claims to be the world’s biggest fan: Javi (Pascal). However, things take an unexpected turn when Cage is recruited by the CIA, as the billionaire fan is a drug lord.

Forcing him to reincarnate his most iconic and beloved characters, in order to save himself and his family from this complicated mess. His career prepared him to live this moment; award-winning actor must now play the role of his life: Nicolas Cage.

‘C’mon C’mon: Always forward’

Starring Joaquin Phoenix under the direction of Mike Mills, C’mon C’mon: Forever Forward presents the story of a documentary filmmaker who works with his nephew on a project involving gifted children while dealing with his bipolar father’s struggle with the disorder. The two embark on a cross-country journey that will change their lives.

‘Battle at Changjin Lake’

Battle at Changjin Lake, takes place in the winter of 1950, in the frigid region of Changjin Lake, where a bloody battle between the United States and China begins. Faced with extreme cold conditions, lack of food, and a vast difference in weaponry, Chinese troops forge their way into battle.

The feature film, directed by Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam; starring the stars of the moment in China, Wu Jing and Jackson Yee, tells the story of the victory of the People’s Liberation Army in extreme weather conditions and against all odds on US troops during one of the most violent battles of the Korean War.

‘The Mandela Effect’

What if our conflicts and personal drama stored on our electronic screens were just entertainment inside some device of a higher being? The Mandela Effect is a science fiction thriller set in the fictional city of Megalopolis where NFT artist and tech addict Nico Rothko (Andres Torrano) loses all of his family’s money in a bad cryptocurrency investment.

In The Mandela EffectNico must figure out what’s holding him back and creating so much rejection in the job market so he can get a job and keep his family from being evicted from their home, all while dealing with vision loss, a cell phone addiction -” the digital heroine”, seeks the non-existent bonds of an absent father and maintains a polyamorous relationship. The young man along with his dear friends soon realizes that he needs to face his deepest fear and overcome a huge trauma to unleash his full potential.

‘The grandmother’

The grandmother is a horror and suspense film, directed by Paco Plaza (Veronica’s possession), which follows the story of Susana, a model going through a bad work season, who is forced to leave the city where she had settled to travel to Madridwhere she must take care of her grandmother Pilar, who has just suffered a stroke.

Because Pilar took care of her after the unexpected death of her parents, the young woman considers it her turn to return the favor and take responsibility. But with the possibility of accepting a job offer in the city, Susana must find someone who can help her with the woman’s care. What seemed like a simple task soon turns into a nightmare, overwhelmed by the chaos of the city and a series of strange behaviors by her grandmother.

‘Franco Escamilla: Clown’

Franco Escamilla: Clownsor is it a stand-up special, which represents the new show of the Mexican comedian, but also the most personal, of the notable comedian’s career Franco Escamilla, who goes through several of the most intimate anecdotes and tragedies of his life, many of which have been key in the development of his personal and professional lifely that have shaped in him such an iconic cunning that it took him to the pinnacle of comedy.