Regina Blandón with blonde eyebrows like Kim Kardashian, imposes fashion

With a totally avant-garde and futuristic image, the beautiful Mexican actress, Regina Blandoncaused a stir with the bleached eyebrows and imposes fashion. And although many did not like her crazy and risky style, the reality is that the famous interpreter of Bibi P. Luchefrom The Plush FamilyAnyway, it looks beautiful.

It was precisely during the performance of a glamorous Mercedes Benz Fashion Week catwalk that the 31-year-old actress, Regina Blandon He wore a peculiar look, which highlighted his bleached eyebrows that even it looked like he had shaved completely.

Through her stories on Instagram, the actress from war of likes Y Cindy the Regal next to the actor Manuel Vegawearing a set of extra-long cargo pants by Vero Díaz, which she adjusted with a kind of belt at the ankles that barely showed the tips of her stilettos.

As a top, I wear a white button-down blouse with long sleeves full of ruffles. Her natural orange hair contrasted with her sober attire, but what caught the most attention was the look of her hair. eyebrows which, being discolored, gave the impression that he did not really have one.

Although Regina Blandon she looked extremely happy and comfortable with her look, not everything was hunky-dory because the critics and comments were immediate, one of them shared by the same actress who questioned why she did that (bleaching her eyebrows), if she was so beautiful.

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“Did your eyebrows fly off?”, “Do you want to marry me? oh no, I already saw your eyebrows”, “What happened to your forehead?”, “Sister and the eyebrows? How do you make yourself look so pretty without them?”, “Regina Blandón’s eyebrows came out of the chat”, “Bibi, why aren’t you a normal girl!”, “You’re very pretty, don’t bleach your eyebrows again, you don’t see anything well”, “You are not a normal girl”, they wrote to her.

The actor’s daughter Robert Blandon He responded to the criticism very much in his own style, firstly by clarifying that the appearance of his eyebrows was due to the completion of a new project make me up againwhich is very little away from starting to roll.

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“My eyebrows are like that for work (and I like them), but ultimately…” Regina wrote to later insert into a story with the famous little frog singing ‘no one asked you’.

Regina Blandón with bleached eyebrows, imposes fashion. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

This is not the first time Regina Blandon faces criticism from users on social networks, because just a few days ago, she drew attention to a comment from a user on Instagram who told her that she looked old, to which the beautiful actress emphasized “let’s normalize birthdays”.

“Caesar, I’ll tell you. People every year, we turn a year older than the one we already had, we grow and age. For example, this year I will turn 32 on July 25 and then I will turn 33 on July 25 and so on. And every day of the year, until your next birthday, you can do something: you can repeat and repeat yourself and make plans with the phrase: You don’t have an opinion about the physical appearance of others. I recommend it to you. Blessings.

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