The 3 new characters you will meet in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Thor: Love and Thunder, by Taika Waititi, has the rare honor of breaking a curious tradition at Marvel. The fourth film dedicated to the history of Thor makes the Asgardian god the first character to complete a tetralogy. Also in, perhaps, saying goodbye through the front door of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and creating a good precedent for future productions. With its light-hearted air, it is a direct homage to the character created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby.

The studio is taking a noticeable turn towards a darker, weirder, and definitely experimental tone. At the same time, the superhero franchise tries to take on the generational change of its audience. But Thor: Love and Thunder it moves away from the gloomy and pessimistic tone of the studio’s most recent productions. It’s actually a brilliant celebration of its main character’s long arc. To his world and the way he has grown—with difficulty and not always consistently—unto a rare maturity.

Thor is no longer just a hero. She is now a character in full growth and an unprecedented search for his identity. Away from her royal, family duties and, for the first time, without being the reflection of some external conflict, he has no choice but to grow. And it’s just the way Taika Waititi approached the challenge of creating a new language for the god of thunder. From being a claimant to the throne of an opulent Kingdom, a mighty Avenger, or the ultimate hero, Thor seeks a place in the world. Will he find it?

It remains to be seen what surprises a film about which little is known brings about. But for now, a few things have become clear. And it is that there will be three special appearances that will undoubtedly add interest to the story. Thor: Love and Thunder has all intended to give fans of the hero a whole new dimension of your world. And also prove that it’s worthy of a new story and perhaps opening the door for new superheroes. We leave you three additions of enormous interest that the film will bring with it.

Gorr, the Butcher of Gods

the villain of Thor: Love and Thunder It will not be just an enemy to defeat. It is also the link with a series of interesting stories that could have found the ideal time to be narrated. Thor’s most recent opponent, he first appeared in Thor: God of Thunder # January 2, 2013. And he is considered one of the most complex characters in the long list that includes the universe relative to Thor. But he also makes a curious connection with an even more intriguing arc: that of the symbiotes.

According to Marvel mythology, Gorr was the inhabitant of a desolate planet who demanded help from the gods. Not only did he not receive it, but he saw a good part of his family die. Later he was able to verify that the gods were actually something more than mere abstractions: the fact of his physical reality devastated him. The revelation caused Gorr to swear revenge.. In fact, much of his narrative arc relates to his efforts to fulfill his goal of killing all the gods.

Now, one of the most interesting elements of Gorr is that he fulfills his ruthless purpose thanks to the All-Black sword the Necrosword. The weapon was carved using the head of a celestial killed by Knull, the origin of the symbiotes. In fact, he bases his power on his connection to the mighty species. A caveat that could be included in the film and would create a connection between the Marvel universe and Sony.

Of course, it’s unlikely that the stories filmed by the two studios could immediately match up. But the possibility is open.

The Zeus from The 3 Thor: Love and Thunder

And a new mythological pantheon arrives at Marvel. In the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder It has been possible to see a good glimpse of what will be Olympus in the studio’s Cinematic Universe. Also, a quick allusion to Zeus, another of the gods included in the world of the publisher. The character first appeared in Venus #6 June 1949, signed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In the comic book context, his birth and abilities are much like his mythological counterpart.

Although it is still unclear what actual role Zeus will play in the plot of Thor: Love and Thunder, there are several points to consider. First of all, it has the same power as creatures like the Celestials and Odin. So its relevance and importance is comparable to the inhabitants of Asgard. At the other extreme, there is the fact that according to what has transpired, Gorr will be relentless in cosmic revenge on him. Will we see the destruction of Marvel’s Olympus or will it be the presentation of its most emblematic characters?

Mighty Thor or Jane Foster

Marvel Studios

Of course, this is not an unknown character, but the one who will be his alter ego in the film is. Jane Foster has a long history in the Marvel Thor mythology. The once love interest of the god of thunder, she first appeared in Journey into Mystery #84 September 1962. For decades, it was so much the impossible love of Thor, until the subject of a dispute with his father Odin, in which he briefly received immortality.

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But in Thor: Love and Thunder will take the mantle of Thor. The story arc comes from the Thor #1 comic signed by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman, published in 2014. In the story, Jane Foster is worthy of holding Mjolnir. As partially confirmed, Thor: Love and Thunder will adapt most of the narrative. That includes Jane being able to pick up the Asgardian weapon and the tragic backstory surrounding the character. In the paper story, the new heroine suffers from deadly breast cancer and ends up being cured by the power of the hammer.