The day Andrea Legarreta resigned from ‘Hoy’

How different the ‘Hoy’ program would have been without Andrea Legarreta. In fact, when Andrea and Martha Carrillo were absent from the program to have their own show, ‘La Kukis y La Chuchis’ —inspired by their segment in which they commented on soap operas, precisely in the first season of the morning—, the public resented their absence. , to the point that since the program they did was not very successful, Andrea went to do the telenovela ‘Vivan los children’ (her only leading role to date) and returned to the ranks of ‘Hoy’, which is where the public He wants to see her.

Andrea Legarreta established herself as the main host of the ‘Hoy’ program. (Photo by Alfonso Manzano/ via Getty Images)

Although not everything has been hunky-dory on the show either, and Legarreta has starred in some controversial moments (remember that time she said about the dollar? On Twitter they still make fun of that today), but throughout the history of the show has not been the only one that has had conflicts; there is the case of when Talina Fernández, who was the founder, got fed up with Alexis Núñez, the original producer they had and preferred to leave the program after a year, since she did not tolerate her bad manners with her and preferred to go elsewhere , swearing until now that he would never work with that person again (who was the one who brought Juan José Origel to the ranks of Televisa with ‘La ojo’), which he fulfilled.

One of the producers who, in the mid-2000s, came to Televisa from Azteca and was in charge of ‘Hoy’ for a season, was Roberto Romagnoli, originally from Argentina, who achieved great success by developing (unscrupulously, according to some) for the Ajusco television station the format of the highly successful reality show ‘La Academia’, which suspiciously resembled ‘Operación Triunfo’, for which Televisa had paid millions and which was a spectacular failure in the face of Azteca’s ‘pirate’ response, to the point that it never more was repeated, while ‘La Academia’ has been a perennial success of Televisa’s main competition.

The arrival of Romagnoli to ‘Hoy’ was very controversial. She came to drastically change the format, including sensationalist segments and disappearing others that were very popular and also raised a stir among the members, to the point that Andrea was so upset that she left the program.

This anecdote was revealed by the mother of Mía and Nina Rubín to Martha Figueroa and Pepillo Origel, remembering that there was a moment when she definitely felt unhappy, to the point of leaving him since she presented her literal resignation, pointing to Romagnoli as the cause of his desire to leave the show at that time, more than a decade ago.

According to La Legarreta, she personally disliked the way she behaved with her staff and this led her to make a drastic decision, perhaps the most difficult she had made in her career: “I didn’t like her way of producing [de Romagnoli]I didn’t like the treatment of its people and several things that I didn’t like and well I said: ‘The program shouldn’t have to change because of me, I’m just another element’“.

Romagnoli (who was a partner of Laura Flores at that time) is considered a perfectionist and has sometimes been branded a despot, antagonizing numerous figures from the show business, such as Jaime Camil (who hates him) or Fernando Colunga, and his departure from Televisa was due to partly due to Andrea’s resignation, which led to a “me or him” situation.

This caused a controversy within Televisa, which did not intend to risk its audience by losing Legarreta in the morning show and preferred her over the producer. What happened was never fully clarified, but suddenly Romagnoli left the television station without any explanation, being instantly replaced by Carmen Armendáriz, who placed Andrea as the main host, something that she now shares with Galilea Montijo, with whom she now has a proven chemistry ( They have been together for many years, with Armando ‘El Negro’ Araiza), but if Andrea had not been so important and they had taken her resignation, how would things have been?

There is no way of knowing, but one thing is certain: where Andrea’s name continues to be heard, Romagnoli’s is no longer so much, although it continues to generate content.


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