The Northman and his connection to Game of Thrones

the man from the northe by Robert Eggers features Amleth viciously battling two notable figures in his quest for revenge, both of whom are strangely connected to Game of Thrones

As well as Game of Thrones was inspired by medieval tradition for its story, north man by Robert Eggers adapts the remarkable Norse legend of Amleth into a bloody Viking revenge film. Amleth (Alexander Skarsgård) on his quest to get revenge on his uncle Fjolnir for murdering his father and kidnapping his mother, must fight against various deadly enemies to reach his destiny.

Following Amleth’s journey as a violent Viking berserker, he is redirected on his path of revenge, which will lead him to Fjolnir’s farm disguised as a Slavic slave. On one occasion, Amleth is chosen to fight in the brutal Viking ballgame, knattleikr, ending in a one-on-one fight with Thorfinnr, a powerful opponent who nearly killed Amleth’s brother, Gunnar. Soon after, Amleth’s journey will pit him against the undead giant Mound Dweller for the sword that will be used to kill Fjolnir. Amleth miraculously wins both fights in north manand the two enemies remember their previous connection with Game of Thrones.

Thorfinnr, whom Amleth brutally slays in the Viking game of the north manheadbutting him in the face, is played by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who played Ser Gregor Clegane, better known as The Mountain, in Game of Thrones.

Björnsson took over the role in season 4 of the HBO series after Gregor Clegane’s second actor, Ian Whyte, felt more comfortable playing other alternate characters the giants Dongo, Wun Wun, the unnamed giant wight from the army of the undead and the fearsome white walker who appears in the first two seasons.

Júlíus Björnsson is not the only connection to the famous HBO series

Eggers’ film has also featured Ian Whyte who plays the role of Mound Dweller, and who curiously also played The Mountain in the series. Game of Thrones. Unsurprisingly, the characters played by Whyte and Björnsson are powerful figures that Amleth must battle against with the odds stacked against him, and the two actors really demonstrate why The Mountain was so intimidating.

We also find more connections from Game of Thrones in the actors who played the mountain in north man, Thorfinnr’s (Björnsson) death strangely mirrors that of Oberyn Martell at the hands of Gregor Clegane in the fourth season of the series based on George R.R’s play, Martin. While the third actor who played the Mountain ended up with his face brutally smashed by Amleth in north manits interpretation in Game of Thrones he had a chance to gouge out Oberyn Martell’s eyes before smashing his face in.

Oberyn and The Mountain’s duel has become one of the most notable moments in all eight seasons of Game of Thronesso circumstances similar to the bloody death of Björnsson’s character in north man it is still a curious connection with the series.

You can recall the Oberyn and The Mountain match below

north man It’s also the biggest project for Björnsson and Whyte since season 8 of Game of Thrones, which saw its two undead personas, The Mountain and the Giant of the White Walkers Army, respectively, finally destroyed. Also, recruiting Björnsson for the cast of north man, he wasn’t just perfect because of his notorious portrayal of The Mountain, as he also adds to the film’s authenticity as a famous Icelandic strongman. Furthermore, Björnsson and Whyte are not alone in The Northman, where more actors from the cast of Game of Thrones as Lysa Arryn, Kate Dickie, Dagmer Cleftjaw and Ralph Ineson.