The superheroes who were very close to appearing and 9 other curiosities of ‘The Avengers’

It seemed impossible for it to happen. More than one thought that, if any of these separate characters had worked irregularly at the time, joining them was a risk only justified by the box office that commands everything. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow sharing equally the leading role in a single movie was the greatest utopia that the fan could contemplate. Everything seemed destined for sound, fury and little else. And we were completely wrong.

Curiosities of ‘The Avengers’

two party

During the filming of the film there were very few times in which all the protagonists of ‘The Avengers’ were together in the same city. However, Chris Evans One night he texted everyone just ‘Assemble’, a word that immediately activated the cast and sparked a memorable joint party.

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3 The ‘A’ for Robert
The 'A' for Robert

Throughout the filming of ‘The Avengers’, Robert Downey Jr. was insistently asking to keep the ‘A’ of the Stark Tower to be able to take it home, being rejected by the film’s production team in each and every one. of the occasions. Nevertheless, On his next birthday, the famous actor received his long-awaited letter as a gift.

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6 special recommendation

7 avoiding confusion
avoiding confusion

To avoid possible confusion with the iconic British franchise of ‘The Avengers’, a spy series that had an infamous film adaptation in the late 1990s, Disney decided to change the title of the film for its UK release. In this case, the chosen name was: ‘Marvel Avengers Assemble’.

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8 Favreau Option
Favreau Option

In the first momentand taking into account his indisputable good results at the head of the ‘Iron Man’ saga, Jon Favreau He was the director chosen to be in charge of ‘The Avengers’. Finally, after the arrival of Joss Whedon, the director of ‘The Lion King’ became exclusively one of the executive producers of the film.

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9 Renner’s Sacrifice
Renner's Sacrifice

Jeremy Renner suffered a rather painful accident during the filming of one of the stunts performed by his character in ‘The Avengers’. To be more specific, it’s about the moment when Hawkeye crashes into a window. A blow that, as Joss Whedon confessed, It caused the actor to tear a muscle that goes from his back to his shoulder and forced him to stop filming for several days.

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10 waiting for his moment
waiting for his moment

In one of the first versions of the script of ‘The Avengers’, Joss Whedon I had planned to include, nothing more and nothing less, than Ant-Man and the Wasp, two of the founding members of the superhero group in the comics. However, they ended up being cut so the movie wouldn’t have too many characters and because, well, the studio didn’t want the celebrated Ant-Man to appear in the MCU until his own movie was released.

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To this day, ‘The Avengers’ continues to be one of the best films, by far, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for sheer balance of elements. From start to finish, this exemplary blockbuster delivers laughs, action, entertainment, and surprising twists with enviable precision. A popcorn wonder with which Joss Whedon and his team managed to convince all kinds of audiences, even those who never agreed with this type of proposal.

A total triumph that is enjoyed from the epic and the emotion, the spectacular and the laughter, the brutal chemistry of the cast and a villain of real height. There is no lesser piece in an entertainment masterpiece that marked a before and after in the genre. An irresistible roller coaster.