This is the trailer for ‘Black Adam’ that Dwayne Johnson presented at CinemaCon

Second day of the CinemaCon that is being held in Las Vegas and this time it was the turn of Warner Bros. Pictures to advance its future projects, which has not been left behind in announcements and fan service after the presentation of Sony. In addition to confirming a sequel for ‘The Batman’ with Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves, Warner invited Dwayne Johnson on stage to show new images of his two superhero projects: ‘DC League of Superpets’ and of course ‘Black Adam’.

“We are very well positioned to create something different. The hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change.” Johnson said about ‘Black Adam’, which will hit theaters on October 21. Since CinemaCon is a fair for exhibitors, the actor, who also produces the film, assured those present that they would “a good job from the marketing point of view” to attract people to movie theaters

About the long development process of ‘Back Adam’, Johnson assured that the wait had benefited the film, because they had been able to observe and learn from how the stories of other superheroes had progressed and told a personal anecdote about its director, Jaume Collet- Saw: “When I met him, probably four or five years ago, he asked me ‘Who is your favorite actor of all time?’ I told him Clint Eastwood and he replied: “I’m glad you said that because I see Black Adam as the Dirty Harry of the superhero world.” And that has been, in many ways, our North Star.” The actor then presented new images of the film, which although they have not been released to the public, yes they have been described in detail by some attendees and this is what the trailer shows according to ComicBook:

– A spaceship flies against a frozen tundra landscape

– Black Adam is in a water tube

– Pierce Brosnan’s Dr. Fate says: “Black Adam, what are the powers that have been given to you? Love but anguish?”

– Black Adam says: “I was a slave when I died. When I was reborn, I was a god”.

– Dr. Fate tells Adam that his powers have never done anything but wreak havoc. He opens a mirror portal as Doctor Strange.

– The body of the slave Black Adam is thrown into a well long ago. In the present day, he wakes up in a tomb and unleashes electricity on a black ops team.

– In the desert, Black Adam flies and fights against helicopters and destroys them. He crushes them and walks away in a fiery explosion.

– Catch a rocket and throw it at your enemies.

– Contact the Justice Society of America

– Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) faces Black Adam. “There are heroes and villains”Hawkman says. “Heroes don’t kill people.”

“Well I do”Black Adam replies.

‘DC League of Super Pets’

During the same presentation, Johnson also spoke about the animated film ‘DC League of Superpets’, in which he gives voice to Superman’s dog, Krypto. He showed off a new reel of footage in which Krypto wakes the Man of Steel up and gets him out of bed in the mornings. A cutesy little creature whose voice cannot be heard by humans comes to Earth and depowers Superman with kryptonite. It’s up to Krypto and his pet friends to fix the world. ‘DC League of Super Pets’ opens in theaters on July 29.