all the premieres of movies and series in may 2022

The month of May arrives with an HBO Max ready to surprise us for another month. This month is going to be full of series on the platform, both news and The Staircase as well as critically acclaimed series such as Weeds. The culmination of the month will come almost to the end with the premiere of Matrix Resurrections on the platform, a continuation of The Matrix saga with its main protagonists. Below we detail the complete catalog of HBO Max for the month of May.

The new HBO Max series

Whether you are a subscriber to the platform or not, you will know very well that HBO Max has an impressive catalog of original series. This month we are going to see a large number of series on the platform, and the first one will not take long to arrive. The Bunker series, which premieres on May 2, tells us the story of Vladimiro, the owner of a bunker where he spends a lot of time avoiding his problems and the pandemic, doing all kinds of tasks such as painting and cooking. However, fate awaits a lot of surprising and very funny moments that will make viewers have a great time.

Just a few days later, on May 6, The Staircase premieres. This drama based on a true story stars Colin Firth (the King’s Speech) and Toni Collette (the Sixth Sense). It also opens the same day the second season of Pairs and Nones.

The May 10 we will also see the premiere of the series Wild Romania, a series that, as its name suggests, will show us all the virtues of the Romanian landscape. A journey through all the nature of the country that will take us to visit from volcanic lakes to abrupt ridges.

The 15 th of May another of the strong dishes of the month arrives. conversations between friends is a series based on the homonymous novel written by Sally Rooney, and that focuses on the life of Frances and her best friend, Bobbi. Their relationship begins to crack little by little when they begin to get closer to the writer Melissa and her husband Nick.

Just one day later, the premiere of The time traveler’s wife. This series is also an adaptation of a novel, written by Audrey Niffenegger, and will tell us a love story centered around the marriage between Clare and Henry. Both have a problem, and it is none other than time travel.

May 28 One of those essential series arrives on the platform and that every lover of them should not miss. Weeds is the story of a mother whose husband has died suddenly, and she is forced to start selling marijuana in order to support her life. The series has 8 seasons, and they all arrive at HBO Max at the same time.

The last series to hit the platform in May will on the 30th. This series, called Rooster dayswill be focused on the world of freestyle rap battles, and will be centered on the story of Rafaela, León and Andy, three young people looking to make a name for themselves in the world of cockfights.

Matrix Resurrections Coming to HBO Max

The platform normally releases several films each month, although this May we will only have one premiere (although, yes, a very large one). Matrix Resurrections arrives on HBO Max on May 22a new installment of the Matrix saga that hit theaters 19 years after the premiere of Matrix Revolutions.

The arrival of this film has been a surprise for fans of the saga, since the story seemed to have ended with the end of the third installment. We will see her again Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss like its protagonists.