Brandon Flowers of The Killers sang “Entrégate” by Luis Miguel in Monterrey

The band has two more presentations in Mexico. (Photo: @lmxlm/ Instagram. Capture: @t_hekillersfan/Twitter)

In recent months, great international stars have captivated the Mexican public with their presentations. Such was the case with Coldplaya group that successfully presented in Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City or the recent passage of Lenny Kravitz for Mixcoacwhere not only would he have tried Mexican snacks, he also impressed with their dance steps to the rhythm of mariachi.

Now it was the turn of The Killers, iconic American group that surprised their Monterrey fans with their presentations that took place on April 26 and 27. The reactions were immediate and social networks were filled with memes, messages of affection and the occasional video of the most memorable moments of the concerts, a situation that positioned the band among the main trends on Twitter.

Image of the concert captured by an assistant.  (Photo: @Anabeelmarquez/Twitter)
Image of the concert captured by an assistant. (Photo: @Anabeelmarquez/Twitter)

Thanks to the material recovered by the attendees, it was possible to appreciate the exact moment when Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killersimpacted when singing the fragment of a famous song in Spanish. It was nothing more and nothing less than surrendera song that Luis Miguel released in 1990 and is currently considered one of his greatest hits.

In the fragment recovered by the Twitter account @t_hekillersfan Brando Flowers can be seen on stage wearing a black outfit made up of pants and a shirt, as well as a shiny jacket. During what seems to be a bridge between one song and another, the vocalist interacted with the Monterrey public inciting some choirs.

(Twitter Capture)
(Twitter Capture)

Suddenly he interrupted to sing: “Surrender, I still don’t feel you” and motivated the attendees to continue with the song. Immediately afterwards, she asked her classmates to continue with another of her topics.

Social network users not only applauded the gesture of the 40-year-old vocalist, they expressed their desire to repeat it in their next concerts. It is worth mentioning that The Killers have two more presentations pending in Mexico before continuing their tour in Spain; On Friday, April 29, they will offer a concert in Zapopan, Jalisco, and on Sunday, May 1, they promised to shine in the Sun Forum From Mexico City.

(Screenshot: @MeowGio/Twitter)
(Screenshot: @MeowGio/Twitter)

“I after seeing all the set list from The Killers with the uncertainty of not knowing which songs they will remove and which ones they will add in Foro Sol”. “Truly The Killers killed me after Here With Me, I had never cried at a concert like I just cried”. “Me watching the stories of those who went to the Killers concert.” “Thank you The Killers for playing even a little bit of Here With me, I always wanted to hear it live,” were some comments on Twitter.

Those who already have their tickets for the next concerts said they feel very anxious for the long-awaited day to arrive after seeing the fragments of the show that was offered in Monterrey. In the midst of the euphoria Some Internet users compared this concert with those given by Coldplay as part of Music Of The Spheres World Tour.

(Capture: @rony_garccia/Twitter)
(Capture: @rony_garccia/Twitter)

The Killers is a thousand times better than Coldplay but people are not ready to talk about this topic”, wrote a user of the platform. The tweet divided opinions, however, the majority of tweeters expressed themselves in favor of the two bands because each one has managed to position itself in the public’s taste with their songs.

“I don’t understand the need to compare Coldplay and The Killers, both are zero problem bands, they give themselves to their audience and have great songs”. “Coldplay and The Killers admire each other but twitter has decided to throw them into a fight.” “You like them more and that’s it. They are bands for men of the same age, you cannot measure what is “better” when the standard is exactly the same”. they answered.


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