Christian Nodal announces duet with Christina Aguilera and mariachi

Mexican regional singer, Christian Nodal continues to be successful, because in addition to filling every venue in which it is presented, it has now announced that will sing a duet with Christina Aguilera and mariachi, which caused great surprise among his fans. The great news was confirmed by Christian Nodal himself during a recent interview with Tania Rincón, prior to his presentation at the palenque of the San Marcos fair in Aguascalientes.

The interpreter of Goodbye Love, Bottle after Bottle Y Tell me how you want, Christian Nodalattended separately to the main media to whom he briefly spoke details of his personal life, as well as his professional life and all the projects that he has at the door.

Among them, the recording of a new song in collaboration stands out, neither more nor less than with the famous American singer Christina Aguilera, interpreter of the great success of the late 90s, Genie in a Bottle Y Come with me.

Christian Nodal He detailed that, far from him adapting to the genre of the pop singer, it will be her who makes her interpretation in a totally Mexican genre, such as the mariachi.

Let’s remember that Christina Aguilera who had his best moment in the late 90s and early 2000s, along with Britney Spears; It is not the first time that she sings in Spanish, because thanks to the fact that she has Latin roots, she speaks this language a little.

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In fact, during his career, Xtine He has performed several songs in Spanish, such as With you in the distance and has done duets with artists like Alejandro Fernández.

For his part, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter, former coach of Mexico’s voicewas very happy and grateful for this project, as well as all those that are coming in his career, such as the release of his new album, which he is already recording in Miami.

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On the other hand, Christian Nodal He talked about some aspects of his private life, such as what everyone was waiting for, which was his surprising and notorious breakup with the singer Belinda.

And although he did not specifically clarify what happened to lead them to break their engagement and cancel their wedding, he did deny that it was due to money and fraud, as well as all the rumors that have been said since then about it.

“I share this with you from the depths and the most I can say is that I lived a precious stage, very, very precious, as a couple we lived very beautiful moments. In the end, the only thing I never wanted was for someone to be guilty. Sometimes people try to misunderstand things,” she stated.

“Sometimes people forget that I am human, I do not forget that I have millions of followers; people forget that I am human, that I am 23 years old and that I am learning.

Also, the former coach of Mexico’s voiceperformer of songs like Bottle after Bottle Y Tell me how you wantasked for respect both for him and for his ex, Beli, assuring that he will not give details about their breakup, but he did assure that they have nothing to do with what is said publicly, such as money issues, far from it.

“The only thing I can tell you is that neither money nor things… many things and many stories are talked about. What we exposed to the world of much love and many beautiful moments, that is what has to stay. Beyond that, I’m fine, I hope she’s doing great, and that she’s always doing amazing,” she said.

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