Doctor shows difference between being a doctor in private and public hospital

  • A doctor shows the luxuries of working in a private hospital VS the mistreatment and precariousness of a public hospital
  • Unlike what happens in public health, in the case of PRIVATE hospital groups, the salary for medical staff is higher
  • What are the disadvantages of working in a public hospital?

For all purposes, in Mexico there are two main types of hospitals: hospitals public and private. However, working on each of them can be a very different experience for doctors.

In fact, these days a doctor went viral by showing the difference between working for a public hospital and a private one.

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But what differences are there between working in a private hospital and a public one?


higher salary

  • Unlike what happens in the public healthin the case of hospital groups the salary for medical staff is higherwhich represents a great incentive, as it allows for a better quality of life.

Medical technology and sufficient supplies

  • Something that is a reality is that the facilities of hospital groups are usually the best equipped in the country and those with the greatest technological advances, which helps you to provide more accurate diagnoses to your patients.
  • Similarly, it should be mentioned that this type of space maintains a sufficient supply of medicines and the cases in which they present a deficit of some input are exceptional.

Constant expansion of hospitals

  • Currently Mexico its the country leader in Latin America regarding medical tourismwhich means that investments regarding hospital infrastructure are increasing, especially in the northern part of the country due to its proximity to USA. Thanks to this, more and more private medical spaces are being opened, so staff are required to work in them and you could be part of them.


Difficulty getting a job and overwork

To begin with, there is the problem of getting into any of the institutions. It is not easy to get a permanent place because there is strong competition but very few places are available. In some cases, applicants must make several attempts and wait for years until they finally achieve their goal.

However, once inside the public sector a terrible reality arrives. Every day you will have before you a large number of patients to attend. Just look at the crowded waiting rooms, which means there is no time to rest. As a result of the above, the The chances of doctors developing job stress are very high.

Angry patients and archaic equipment

As a result of the above, in most cases patients tend to blame the doctor for the system deficiencies. They think that the time they have to wait to go to the consultation is the fault of the doctor and consequently they tend to show a rude and haughty attitude within the office. This means that your work days are even more complicated.

While another of the constants is the lack of technology that persists in many of the public hospitals. The big complaint of the staff is the obsolete equipment with which they have to attend to the patients. The lack of investment it is responsible for doctors working with machines manufactured decades ago.

Although that is not all because there is also a drug deficiency. Faced with this scenario, the doctor is also affected because sometimes he must adapt to the available drugs in the warehouses to prescribe them to their patients.

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