How much does it cost to rent the Palazuelos mansion in Acapulco per hour

The Acapulco mansion has luxuries and wide spaces.

The Cove House belongs to actor and businessman Roberto Palazuelos, is located in the Las Brisas subdivision, in Acapulco, Guerrero; The 600-square-meter construction is considered a luxury mansion in this state, as it has privileged views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as minimalist architecture.

Currently this mansion is for rent to hold special events, meetings and also as a recording set for audiovisual productions. The cost per hour amounts to 2 thousand 700 Mexican pesos plus the service fee (189.49 Mexican pesos).

The hours of operation of the house are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on this platform, The total cost for renting it from its opening to its closingthat is, 15 hours, is 40,689 Mexican pesosincluding the cost per service.

These are the paradisiacal views of La Casa de la Ensenada in Acapulco (Photos: Ig @casadelaensenada)

according to the platform Scouterwhich is where the rental is available, La Casa de la Ensenada has “luxury amenities superior to those of a hotel”.

Scouter is a platform designed for filmmakers and producers to find locations to film, but in the description of this luxury mansion, it is warned that it also It is recommended for celebrations and gatherings between friends. The minimum time to rent it is one hour and the maximum quota is 10 people.

It should be noted that the costs to stay in the mansion amount to more than 30 thousand pesos per night; but this service is contracted directly on the official website of Casa de la Ensenada and the rate increases when it comes to high season (holidays, vacations, bridges and the period from Christmas to New Year).

Palazuelos rented out his mansion for various events (Photo: Scouter platform)
Palazuelos rented out his mansion for various events (Photo: Scouter platform)

How much does it cost to record a movie in the Acapulco mansion

Considering that a film or short film production requires recording only one sequence or few scenes in this mansion, you would need to rent the Palazuelos mansion between two and five hours, which would give a cost that would go between 5 thousand 589 and 13 thousand 689 Mexican pesos (including the service charge).

Whether the production will record the entire project in the Casa de la Ensenada, then it will require a minimum of nine hours, that is 24 thousand 489 Mexican pesos. This time and price could increase if it is a film that will be recorded in several days or it is required to take advantage of the sunset and midday light.

Events can be organized at the Palazuelos mansion (Photo: Instagram / @casadelaensenada)
Events can be organized at the Palazuelos mansion (Photo: Instagram / @casadelaensenada)

How much does it cost to organize an event or celebration at La Casa de Ensenada

The party rooms are usually rented for parties of between six and even 10 hourswhich would cost between 16 thousand 389 and 27 thousand 189 Mexican pesos.

According to this platform, the Casa de la Ensenada reservation includes the following services:

bathroom, bar, space for makeup, kitchen, bathtub, cinema, electricity, Wi-Fi, space for changing rooms, garage, home office and it was reported that it has accessibility for people who use wheelchairs. And outdoors, it has parking, balconyoutdoor bathroom, rooftop, pool, garden, jacuzzi and barbecue area.

This is what one of the pools and the lounge area for rest looks like (Photo: Scouter platform)
This is what one of the pools and the lounge area for rest looks like (Photo: Scouter platform)

Said residence was described, on the platform, as “Mykonos-style minimalist architecture; in the background the sound of the waves hitting the rocks. Live a magical experience and relax in this beautiful residence surrounded by nature”. It has six luxurious rooms, each inspired by Mediterranean architecture and with its own bathroom, all have sea views and a dressing room. Two of them are suites with terrace and private Jacuzzi.

The kitchen is completely equipped, It also has a TV room, a parking lot for five cars; two pools, one of them adjoining the sea, also has a terrace that has sea sandtwo rooms with an outdoor bar and nearby there is an ecological beach club.


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