Itatí Cantoral teaches maturity and celebrates her ex-husbands

Itatí Cantoral teaches maturity and celebrates her ex-husbands, mentioning in a recent interview that she has the best men as fathers of her children. The actress of “María la del Barrio”, “The Mexican and the güero” and several other successful telenovelas, he opened his heart with his great friend Juan Soler in an interview that moved him to tears.

Without a doubt, Itatí Cantoral is one of the most beloved Mexican actressesbecause her time in cinema, television and theater has shown how immense her talent is, but also how powerful she is, inspiring thousands of women to be unstoppable.

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After shining in telenovelas like “Silvia…in front of you” and with his voice in the new Disney Pixar film “Red”, Itatí Cantoral He has found in the theater one of the projects that has given him the most satisfaction and in promotion, he found an interview that made him talk like never before about life, family and love.

It was when she was questioned by her great friend Juan Soler, where Itatí Cantoral could not avoid tears when talking about the moments that have marked his life and surprised when talking about the parents of her children, noting that although the divorces had not been easy through her children, she had learned to recognize that she had the best ex-husbands in the world.

Itatí Cantoral indicated that without a doubt he would marry again because she continued to believe in love and that she was not closed to opportunity, but regardless of whether she had a partner or not, she lived one of the best moments of her life in love with her children, her work and life.

Itatí Cantoral, genius and inspiring figure

At 46 years old, Itatí Cantoral She remains one of the most admired actresses not only for her talent but for her beauty. The actress of “Two women, one path” and “Till money do us part” revealed that one of her sons, because he was an athlete, had become her coach and although he no longer lived with her, he motivated her to exercise and take care of her diet on a daily basis.

Itatí Cantoral She has shown great physical skill and even through social networks she has shown her skill in the discipline of pole dance and more, confirming that age is no limit to the strength, beauty and intelligence of a woman.

Today, Itatí Cantoral continues to inspire with his great discipline as a mother, actress and woman, carrying on high the teachings of her dear parents and sheltered by the love of her children, thanking life every day for its many blessings.

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