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The film that has conquered critics and audiences has also been very positively valued by our critic Alejandro G. Calvo: “it will manage to set a trend within the funniest terrain of the genre.”

From on Friday April 29 you have in the best cinemas in all of Spainfrom the hand of EOne Films, one of the great horror film sensations of 2022: X. Produced by the prestigious company A24 (which has been responsible for other hits such as Hereditary or The Witch), the film marks the return of the best Ti West, director who began his career in an explosive way with The House Of The Devil, but who had deflated in recent years with such routine titles as Cabin Fever 2 or The Innkeepers.

what is it about X? The film takes us to Texas in the late 1970s, when pornographic actress Maxine Minx embarks on a road trip with her boyfriend – and producer – Wayne, her fellow actors Bobby Lynne and Jackson Hole, director RJ and girlfriend of this one (Lorraine), to shoot an X film aimed at the growing home video market. The young woman wants to become a star, for her part Bobby and Jackson have an affair, while the diffident Lorraine is not impressed by the content of the film, nor by RJ’s attempts to make it seem like a serious cinematographic work. The group arrives at the farm of Howard and Pearl, an elderly couple in whose house the film is intended to be shot. The old man is suspicious of the group, and receives them with a shotgun in hand. As filming begins unbeknownst to Howard, Maxine is invited by Pearl into the couple’s home, where they have an awkward conversation. Pearl laments her age, expresses her jealousy of Maxine’s youth, and makes a sexual proposition to her. Later, the woman watches Maxine having sex with Jackson and is turned on by it. After that, she pressures her husband to sleep with her, but he refuses, claiming that her heart is too weak. This fact then unleashes a nightmare for the team, which will stain the place with blood.

Christopher Moss

The film’s title refers to the X rating used by the Motion Picture Association between 1968 and 1990, which indicated that a film with this certificate was only suitable for an audience over 16 years. The idea was that, unlike the rest of the ratings, the X would not be a registered trademark and would allow filmmakers to release their film in theaters without having to present it to the association to obtain an age certificate. Notable films that were originally released with an X rating include A Clockwork Orange and Last Tango in Paris. In the 70s, the porn industry would end up exploiting the X rating by releasing explicit sex movies in theaters with that same rating. Over time, the X became more associated with pornography, and more and more theaters began to refuse to show these films, forcing the censorship of films with adult content so that they would receive an R rating (under 17, accompanied by an adult). ).

The film is a tribute to classic genre films such as Tobe Hooper’s legendary film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) or Mother’s Day directed in 1980 by Charles Kaufman, but it also draws on more recent productions such as the Spanish Paco Plaza’s Grandmother.

X has conquered our critic and ‘publisher’ Alejandro G. Calvo who has defined it as “one of the great horror titles of the year that, with a bit of luck, will manage to set a trend within the funniest terrain of the genre: sex (young and gerontophile), crude and funny violence, gore without digital involved, direct terror and abyssal terror, multiple tributes to canonical films. The director exudes a supine love both for the ‘exploitation’ of the 70s – Wes Craven’s very crude The Last House on the Left (1972) would also serve as a reference – and for the great icons of horror”. You can read the full review here.

But not only has he dazzled our leading critic, but the world press has also surrendered at the feet of Ti West. For example, AO Scott of The New York Times gives it full marks, saying of it, “It’s a clever and exuberant throwback to a less innocent timein which movies could be mischievous, disreputable and idiosyncratic.” For his part, Joshua Rothkopf of Entertainment Weekly classifies it as follows: “Like the double-edged title itself, which is at once an evocation of the dirty rating that this film could have received in 1979 and something more suggestive, we have a movie that feels pinless, ominous and potentially unforgettable“.

“We make people horny.” Brittany Snow explains why they do porn in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘X’, Ti West’s new horror

The film features the leading role of one of the most emerging actresses in Hollywood: the young Mia Goth (who we saw in other genre films such as The Secret of Marrowbone or The Wellness Cure), twice; since she also embodies the old Pearl. Goth is joined in the film by Jenna Ortega (Scream), Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect 3), rapper Kid Cudi (Don’t Look Up) and Martin Henderson (The Strangers: Night Hunt). The script is the work of Ti West himself, which has had the production of Kevin Turen, Harrison Kreiss and Jacob Jaffke.

You can check the cinemas in Spain in which the film is projected Xby clicking on the following link.