Martha Guzmán is shown without hair due to her fight against cancer

Martha Guzmanknown as “La pasadita de la media”, was shown for the first time without hair, because of her fight against cancer.

The television host in Image has suffered from this disease since November 2021, when she revealed that she has breast cancer.

Now on his social networks, Guzmán wrote: “I had not shared any photos like that, not out of pity but because everything is a process that must be assimilated.”

Martha revealed that since February 15 she lost her hair, as it fell out little by little.

This is what Martha Guzman looks like

Although “La pasadita de la media” commented that they gave her options to keep her hair, now she preferred to share what she looks like without it.

Martha has participated in Televisa and Imagen.

Who is Martha Guzman?

During her 28-year career on television, Marta Guzmán has stood out for her good humor and professionalism in each project she undertakes, whether commenting on show notes or giving the weather, an attitude that has helped her lead the process of fighting against breast cancer that she faces today.

Two years before leaving the race of communication Sciences of the North Anahuac UniversityMarta entered the ECO information system of Televisa, where she was in charge of giving the weather report, a position she held in various programs such as “Cúpula Empresarial” (1997), “En Contraste” (2002 – 2003), “Primero Noticias” ( 2004 -2012) it was here that his nickname of “half past”, because his section was planned for every 30 minutes but he never got in on time; and later in “Matutino Express” (2012 – 2015).

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Guzmán hasn’t said no to work and has gone out the same way to report notes on shows than to live with people, in sections such as What all of Mexico finds out for the program “Hoy”; morning magazines are also part of his professional history with works such as “De Buenas”, which he hosted in 2015 alongside Dalilah Polanco and Héctor El Apio Quijano, which was broadcast on the Mexiquense Radio and Television System, or the program “Qué is there to eat?” that he made for TV Azteca in 2016, together with Joanna Vega-biestro and Omar Fierro, until 2020 with “How cool!” for Imagen Television and in 2021 “Chismorreo” for Multimedia.

Also in 2021 she took her first steps in politics, being a candidate as plurinominal deputy for him Ecological Green Partyin which she currently serves as head of the Women’s Secretariat of said organization.


It was in November of last year when the driver detected an anomaly in her right breast, on December 13 she underwent surgery to remove a small tumor and the lymph nodes, a study showed that the tumor was cancerous but it was removed on time; In February 2022, the host announced on the “Chismorreo” program that she would have to undergo chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy to completely eradicate the problem.

“There are going to be physical changes and there are going to be days when I’m going to have to be absent… I talk about this and I talk about it because I don’t want them to find out elsewhere, I want it to be for me… I’m going to be fine And if I misbehave, please scold me, I’m going to throw all the kilos at him,” said the driver in the midst of tears.

Marta Guzmán had not shared much of her struggle until today, when she uploaded an image of her with a completely bald head, due to the aftermath of chemotherapy, in it she explains that her oncologist had given her options to keep her hair, one in which the scalp was cooled but did not guarantee to preserve the hair in its entirety, or the use of cancer wigsthe driver opted for the second and explained that since February 15 her hair was gone.

“This is how I look without my wig, I’ve gotten used to it and it reminds me that I’m going through a healing process and every symptom, skin sores, blackened nails, sensitive white tongue, watery eyes, tiredness, hot flashes, dizziness and All the ailments you may feel are passing away so that breast cancer will never come back. Touch yourself and have your mammograms and ultrasounds done every year. My story would be different if I had not detected #breastcancer in time #timely detection, “wrote Marta Guzmán in this post.