Netflix’s ‘Mother’s Love’ Takes Rom-Com Into Unexpected Land

Netflix returns to bet on light comedy for his new original Spanish film. She does it hand in hand with a cast led by Quim Gutierrez, Carmen Machi, Yolanda Ramos, Celia Freijeiro or Andrés Velencoso and under the orders of paco knighta director who already provided them with good cheer last summer with where two fit. Is about Mother’s Love, a film that, as its title indicates, explores the mother-son relationship between the characters of Gutiérrez and Machi in the context of a heavenly journey where things go awry more than expected. However, as routine as the plot sounds, the formula with which this Spanish film presents its story is, without a doubt, unusual.

Carmen Machi and Quim Gutiérrez in the comedy ‘Amor de madre’ (Photo: Netflix)

And it is that Amother’s death presents us with his account of this family trip using the romantic comedy formula, and as strange as it is to read it like that dry, the truth is that he manages to make it make all the sense and grace possible. As the synopsis details, the story begins when José Luis, the young man played by Quim Gutiérrez, is planted at the altar, which leads his mother, Carmen Machi, to propose that he take advantage of the honeymoon and enjoy a mother-son journey The problem comes when the hotel, a paradisiacal resort in Mauritius, only accepts couples in its facilities, forcing them to pretend that they are both newlyweds.

From here on, you begin to play with the schemes of romantic comedies, with situations that always end up truncated before the surrealism that generates that fake romance between a mother and a son. Comedy gags work on their own, but this extra element adds to the enjoyment, especially when the plot starts to unravel. For example, with the apparent extramarital infatuation of the character of Machi with a hotel guest, the stubbornness of Quim Gutiérrez to fall back on the reins of love, a crazy network of drug trafficking or with the role of Yolanda Ramos as a policeman. monitoring, without much success, that the rules are met within the hotel complex.

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The pity is that the film does not leave its comfort zone and plays all its cards to this formula, because many of the comic delusions end up being too topical and routine, giving the feeling that they could have given much more of themselves. It makes you angry considering that behind the script are Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor, creators of the wonderful (and canceled) kings of the night from Movistar+, from absolutely great comedies like ghost promotion or other successful productions such as Elite Corps. While those titles were characterized by breaking schemes and taking risks quite emphatically, here you feel that it is not enough to be surprised by taking the romantic comedy to the most unexpected terrain, that you have seen all the humor that is generated around it in many occasions and much better executed.

Still, like I say, the movie is a very enjoyable light diversion if any expectations are set aside. It cannot be denied that its formula is great, that its cast is very dedicated and that it is a very tempting proposal to disconnect one afternoon of a weekend. In addition, beyond its comical side, when addressing this theme of the mother-son relationship and entering into universal themes for any person, it acquires at times a very emotional point, such as that detachment that, sometimes without realizing it, we suffer from our loved ones. . And on the other hand, I cannot deny that throughout its footage there are quite good ideas and full of surprises, such as, for example, starting the film with what would usually be the final climax of a cakey romantic film, and then break your expectations and take you to the surreal terrain that its formula raises.

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