Susalud: these are the clinics and hospitals that have put the lives of patients at risk

Susalud: These are the clinics and hospitals that have put the lives of patients at risk. (Photo: Andean Capture)

Peru has an entity that controls and watches over the protection and health rights of each Peruvian. This is the National Superintendence of Health (Susalud), who through a report announced that since 2015 they have imposed more than 300 reprimands to public and private health institutions. The sanction that was used the most was regarding the unjustified postponement for users to access health benefits.

To be more exact, they have become effective 329 written warnings and 281 fines to health establishments and institutions insurance fund managers Health, that represent a total of 9,273.55 UIT and also the definitive closure of a polyclinic has been carried out.


In the report issued by the state entity it is known that there are 68 final resolutions, of which 22 correspond to establishments and insurance of Health private and 46 to public establishments, all of them nationwide.


within the private clinics that have received fines we have the following: Javier Prado Clinic, San Judas Tadeo Clinic, International Clinic, Anglo-American Clinic, Good Hope Clinic, El Golf Clinic, Oncosalud SAC, Velarde Alvarez Clinic, Nefrovida SAC Dialysis Center and Alpaca Clinical Laboratory (Trujillo ).

Regarding the companies that provide insurance and that have been fined, it is Rímac Seguros y Reaseguros, which already has two fines so far this year.

Javier Prado Clinic is described as inhumane after denying medical attention to a run over minor.  (Photo: CJV and composition)
Javier Prado Clinic is described as inhumane after denying medical attention to a run over minor. (Photo: CJV and composition)


The Minsa hospitals that have been fined They are the following: Hipolito Unanue National Hospital, Sergio E. Bernales National Hospital, Cayetano Heredia National Hospital and National Institute of Children’s Health in San Borja.

As for the institutions belonging to EsSalud, these are the ones that have been sanctioned: Edgardo Rebagliati Martins National Hospital, Padomi – Hospital II Lima Norte Callao “Luis Negreiros Vega”, Marino Molino Scippa National Hospital, Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen National Hospital, Alberto National Hospital Sabogal Sologuren and the Alberto Leonardo Barton Thopson Hospital.


What are the offenses that have been imposed the most? There are several, and below we will show you the list that can be seen in the Susalud report.

“Unjustifiably postponing users’ access to health benefits, causing or not the aggravation of their illness or generating sequelae or complications or putting their lives at serious risk”. This is a serious offense and it is also the one that has led the list of infractions.

“Failure to carry out stock control or the timely supply of pharmaceutical products or failure to cancel the respective expired, damaged, stolen or stolen pharmaceutical, health or medical device products”. This is in second place.

“Death or serious injury of a patient as a result of a lack of diligence in following up on the case or following up on the results of tests to aid in diagnosis and treatment”.

“Not providing timely care in emergency situations, including pharmaceutical products and/or critical medical devices, in accordance with its level of resolution.”

These last two are classified as very serious infractions by Susalud.

“Display or disseminate images of the insured or information related to their illness in contravention of current regulations, except as required by SUSALUD” is a serious offense for which SUSALUD has applied this year fines totaling 301 UIT.


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