The tragic childhood story of Lolita Ayala: she witnessed when her mother killed her father

Lolita Ayala assured that she was able to overcome the impact she experienced at the age of 10 (Photo: Twitter/@DanooRG)

With five decades of experience in the journalism and in front of different news spaces, Lolita Ayala has established herself as one of the most emblematic women in the industry since her first appearances on television with the late Jacobo Zabludovsky in the well-remembered newscast 24 hours.

Although she has a few years off the screen, Dolores Ayala Nieto, her full name, has remained present in the memory of Mexicans and even had a great moment of popularity in the younger generations last year, when it was on the cover of the magazine she and showed off her sophisticated fashion sense.

In addition, the journalist took advantage of the moment to launch a line of t-shirts with his image, with which his person became an icon of fashion and style. Between this positive streak and the image of Lolita that he has always had, as the “friendly side of the news” and his characteristic pink that he placed on his desk in his television spaces, few know a tragic story of his family life.

The journalist has five decades of experience (Photo: File)
The journalist has five decades of experience (Photo: File)

And it is that the outstanding journalist told the magazine in 2015 TVNotes how’s it going a 10-year-old girl witnessed the moment her mother killed her fatherapparently firing a gun, this due to a violent outburst of jealousy.

According to the magazine, Lolita’s mother shot and killed her husband Rodolfo Ayala Gonzálezwho was a surgeon, professor at the Academy of Medicine and creator of the first blood bank in Mexico.

Lolita told the publication that the event had no major repercussions on her mental health, but as a child she suffered a lot, to the extent that to date it is a tragic memory in her life.

“Fortunately, I was able to come out of it unscathed, emotionally, I mean. Yes it hurt me, as you have no idea; it was a tragedy”, said the 70-year-old journalist, who at ten lost her father.

Lolita Ayala was furious with the publication (Photo: File)
Lolita Ayala was furious with the publication (Photo: File)

But according to the information, not only Lolita witnessed the tragic murder, but also his older brother, who was then 12 years old.

However, and after the magazine published the lurid news, Lolita used her Twitter account to express his discontent with his colleagues, and assured that his statements were misrepresented. This is how Lolita wrote it on December 9, 2015:

“About the publication of a tabloid note in TVNotes Regarding my family history, I regret the lack of truth and professionalism, ”the communicator wrote in a first tweet. “The interview was requested on behalf of another medium, what is an ambush and a deception”, he continued in another message.

The also philanthropist has not spoken about the subject again (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
The also philanthropist has not spoken about the subject again (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Lolita, who is also known for her support of social and philanthropic causes with her foundation “Just for helping”, criticized the professional behavior of her colleagues: “The reporter Laura Luz Palmer put together a note out of context and with the support of his director he created a cover scandal.”

He also criticized that the publication “clouds” the work of journalism by using scandalous headlines: “It is unfortunate that with the desire to sell, this magazine shows falsehood and clouds the work of professional reporters”.

At the moment Lolita Ayala keeps a low profile, but her followers worried because this April 27 the communicator Maxine Woodside announced that she saw her in a deteriorated state of health. As revealed by the journalist in her radio program All for womenLolita was recently found during a photo shoot and saw her “bad”because I was using a walking stick for support when walking and was connected to a oxygen tank laptop since it is difficult for him to breathe well in Mexico City.

Lolita was seen using a cane and an oxygen tank, according to Maxine Woodside (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Lolita was seen using a cane and an oxygen tank, according to Maxine Woodside (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

“I was leaving and Lolita Ayala arrived, and I was very happy to greet her because I hadn’t seen her in a long time (…) She’s better now, but he walks with his cane and brings oxygenbecause he says that in Mexico City he cannot breathe well”

Woodside assured that the problems of the former holder of The news are due to falls that have taken her to the operating room and the slow recovery that he has had However, he emphasized that, all in all, you can see it well.

“But gorgeous, you know, like always. Very neat, very pretty and with one of those very expensive bags from Paris, very pretty, but ill with her hip (…) Imagine, hip and femur, the recovery and then you don’t look goodMaxine mentioned.


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