These are the nominees for the Anime Latin Dubbing Awards 2022

The awards season continues with the 2022 edition of the Anime Latin Dubbing Awards that recognizes the hard work of all the actors, actresses, translators, engineers, directors and everything involved in anime dubbing who participated with much effort and love to bring the characters of our favorite animes to life.

This event is supported by ANMO Sugoi, anime, WDN-en and streaming platform Anime Onegai.


For this second edition of the Anime Latin Dubbing Awardsthe results obtained from the surveys carried out in anime about the dubbing of weekly and monthly anime of the year 2021. In the course of last year, there was the production of more than 150 projects with a dubbing into Latin Spanish, in which we can find series, films Y OVAsdue to the large number of productions, it was decided to carry out the aforementioned surveys in order to leave the most voted series with dubbing in 2021, thus leaving a total of 74 dubbings.

If you want to know the 74 dubbings selected for this edition of the Anime Latin Dubbing Awards 2022we recommend you go through the following link so you can see the results of the voting: Click here to see the results of the survey conducted by Funianime. With that said, let’s start with the nominations.

Presenters of the Anime Latin Dubbing Awards 2022


Categories of Anime Latin Dubbing Awards 2022

The categories that will be taken into account for this edition change two categories of the first edition of the awards, this to add the Best Movie and Best OVA with dubbing, leaving the following list as a result:

  1. Best Anime Dubbing
  2. Best Voice Actor
  3. Best Voice Actress
  4. Best Leading Actor
  5. Best Leading Actress
  6. Best Supporting Actor
  7. Best Supporting Actress
  8. Best Antagonist Actor
  9. Best Antagonist Actress
  10. best anime movie
  11. Best anime OVA
  12. Best Anime Direction
  13. Best Adapted Anime Screenplay
  14. Best New Actor
  15. Best New Actress

Nomination format for Anime Latin Dubbing Awards 2022

To carry out the selection of the nominees from among the 74 dubbings of the series, movies and OVAs, a series of dynamics were carried out that have been separated by stages, which are described below:

The first stage where categories 1, 10, 11, 12 and 13 were chosen through a questionnaire where each category was multiple choice and a maximum of 5 options were selected. This vote lasted 7 days, beginning on April 12 and ending on the 18th of the same month.

For categories 2 to 9, a questionnaire was made in which 5 actors and actresses were nominated depending on the category, where the name of the actor and the character for which he was being nominated had to be specified. This vote, like the previous one, lasted 7 days, which began on April 13 and ended on the 19th of the same month.


And finally, for categories 14 and 15 they were selected through reactions or likes on social networks. The candidates for that category had their respective images, which were posted on ALDA’s social networks so that all fans could react. The 5 actors or actresses who added the most reactions or likes went to the next stage. Again, this vote lasted 7 days, starting on April 14 and ending on the 21st of the same month for the actresses, while for the actors the voting began on April 15 and ended on April 21.

The second stage is the final vote of the 5 nominees in each of the 15 categories, this stage will last two weeks, which will be used to publicize each of the 15 categories, showing a fragment of the dubbing of each nominee. This stage will begin on April 29 and end on May 13. The modality will be specified in the official networks of ALDA Awards.

nominations for the Anime Latin Dubbing Awards 2022

1.- Best New Actress


2.- Best New Actor


3.- Best OVA with Dubbing


4.- Best Supporting Actress


5.- Best Supporting Actor


6.- Best Film with Dubbing


7.- Best Antagonistic Actress


8.- Best Antagonistic Actor


9.- Best Adapted Anime Screenplay


10.- Best Leading Actress


11.- Best Leading Actor


12.- Best Dubbing Director


13.- Best Voice Actress


14.- Best Voice Actor


15.- Best Anime Dubbing 2022


Award of the Anime Latin Dubbing Awards 2022

The third stage will be the award ceremony that will take place on May 21 at 7:00 pm Mexico time, through Facebook Live Y Youtubeit is intended that the awards be pre-recorded and conducted by the dubbing actors Alex Villamar Y Gabriela Grayin addition to having a surprise guest for the presentation of a special event during the award ceremony.

The nominees for the 2022 edition of the Anime Latin Dubbing Awards have been announced in the different categories, so don’t forget to support your favorite actors and actresses.

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