Tun Tun: That’s how handsome he looked at the age of 17 in his debut at Cine de Oro with “Tin Tan” | PHOTOS

It is regularly reminded “Tun Tun” for his hilarious performances within the genre known as Files Cinema either sexycomedieshowever, this little giant of acting began his career during the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, so this time we will make a brief overview of his life and artistic career, in addition, we will show you some photos in which sample what the actor looked like when he was only 17 years old and debuted on the big screen under the tutelage of Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”.

The real name of this famous actor was Jose Rene Ruiz Martinezwho was born on November 22, 1932 in the city of Tampico, Tamaulipas and as far as is known He had a very difficult childhood. because after being diagnosed with dwarfism his father decided to keep him locked up in his house to avoid teasing him of which he could be the object by the other children of the neighborhood and the school, so this situation caused him various insecurities.

Tun Tun participated in dozens of films of the file cinema. Photo: Special

Once in adolescence“Tun Tun” did various jobs to earn a living and it was during this time that he met a dancer named Rocío Gentz, who was responsible for bringing him closer to the world of entertainment and who would later become his wife.

Until now, it is unknown exactly how Rene Ruíz came to the big screenhowever, what is clear is that it was director Gilberto Martínez Solares the first to give him an opportunity to make it onto the big screen. Her film debut occurred in the year of 1949, He was just 17 years old and was able to shine alongside Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”in one of his best films, “The King of the Neighborhood”.

This is what Tun Tun looked like at 17 years old. Photo: Special

This film is considered as the consolidation of “Tin Tan” as one of the greatest comic figures of the moment and said production is highly remembered for the rain of new stars that participated in it because in addition to “Tun Tun”, actors such as Joaquín García “El Borolas”, Ramón Valdés, José “El Ojón” Jasso, Ismael Pérez “Poncianito” and Fanny Kaufman “Vitola”.

During his first movies René Ruíz was known by the nicknames of “Cayo” or “Gulliver”but in 1951 Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”, invented the name “Tun Tun” as a derivation of his own nickname and from then on the public began to identify him with this nickname, almost forgetting his first name.

Tun Tun’s debut was in “El Rey del Barrio”. Photo: Special

“Tun Tun” He consolidated his film career under the tutelage of Germán Valdés “Tin Tan” with whom he worked until practically the end of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and during the 1960s his activity on the big screen decreased, but at the beginning of the 1970s the emergence of the Files Cinema allowed him to take a new impulse in his career.

In his stage in the sexycomedies, we could see a “Tun Tun” mature and with a racier sense of humorHowever, he still had the same charisma as always, which allowed him to remain in force in the middle of the show during the decades of 1979, 1980 and part of 1990.

Tun Tun managed to write his name in golden letters in the history of Mexican cinema. Photo: Special

As for his personal life, “Tun Tun” did not have a good time because it is known that the dancer who was his wife and mother of his children, he took all his fortune that he managed to amass during his career so he had to spend his last years in the Casa del Actor plunged into a deep depression and it was in October 1993 when he lost his life due to a Fulminant infarction, was for 61 years.


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