What could Heartstopper season 2 be about?

After the success of heartstopper, the protagonists of the series talk about the possibility of expanding the story

heart stopper is sweeping the world and it has been a resounding success for Netflix thanks to the captivating story written by Alice Ossemancreator of the graphic novels and web comics that inspired the show starring Joe Locke and Kit Connor.

The show follows the life of Charlie (Joe Locke), a young man who is trying to get over his previous relationship that made him feel insecure. On the other hand, Nick (Kit Connor), is a rugby player whose feelings for Charlie they make him doubt his sexuality. The story navigates in a captivating way the problems of young people queer and honestly exposes its problems, leaving a story very positive.

What do you want to portray in season 2?

Yes ok heart stopper It consists of four books, Netflix has not yet confirmed the arrival of a second season. However, the protagonists of the story commented to NME that they would be happy to continue with the project thanks to the positive response from the public. In addition, there are still many issues that could be dealt with, such as the eating disorder that Charlie will face.

“It’s pretty easy for us to talk about a future season, potentially, because there are already other graphic novels. And in them, Charlie deals with an eating disorder and his mental health, which I think would be quite interesting to see.

There are a few moments in the first season where Charlie starts to go on that journey. Alice is really smart and she writes these subtle moments where if you didn’t know, you wouldn’t guess. But if you’ve read the novels, you’ll see that Charlie starts to go that way.”

joe locke

For its part, Kit Connor He agreed with his co-star and added that fans of the show can still learn more about Nick if the second season is accepted.

“For Nick, I think we can explore his story in a lot of ways in terms of his family. Comic book fans know that he has an older brother who is homophobic. I think it would be a really interesting route to go down, but I think there’s a lot of material to go and explore.”

Kit Connor

heart stopper

The importance of creating LGBT stories

One aspect that the fans of heart stopper, is that they liked to see a series where a gay teen romance is well represented on screen. There are no tragedies and it focuses on telling a love story that everyone deserves to have when they are young.

Connor He said that he saw a tweet where a follower said that he used the scene where Nick he tells his mom he’s in love with Charlie to come out of the closet and that captivated the actor.

“That’s such an incredible thing: to be able to have that kind of influence in a person’s life and give them that kind of confidence. To be able to say that I had some kind of part in that is wonderful.”

Kit Connor

In addition, loke He stated that he has also read comments from older LGBT people who applaud the program and who wished they had stories like this when they were in their teens. “For [ Heartstopper ] being there for people who are growing up now, it’s a great feeling.”

heart stopper

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