Work stress, endometriosis and Covid-19 will officially be occupational diseases

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) concluded the project to modify the disease table of the Federal Labor Law (LFT), a regulation that has not been modified in 50 years, despite the fact that the labor force has developed new ailments due to work activities.

The project seeks to add 88 new diseasesamong which are endometriosis, digestive ailments and diseases derived from work stress, the latter had to be recognized by Mexico as an occupational ailment after the World Health Organization (WHO) incorporated the burnout to its new International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

The classification of infectious and parasitic diseases (where is Covid-19), and occupational cancers These are the groups that encompass just over half of the new diseases that will be incorporated into the LFT.

In the category of Diseases of the respiratory system It is proposed to group the 50 current pathologies into only 10 conditions, it is also sought to compact the number of skin diseases and connective tissue.

Although in the poisoning group only 9 pathologies will be added, with this it will become the classification with the most ailments. In total, with the new diseases that are being added, the table of diseases will have 194 ailmentsamong which myocardial infarctions due to exposure to chemicals and diseases such as pregnancy loss also stand out.

“I share with you that within the framework of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work We present the update of the Illness and Disability Assessment tables, which have not been updated since the LFT was published 52 years ago. The following are included: mental disorders, myocardial infarction due to exposure to chemicals, women’s diseases such as pregnancy loss, endometriosis, among others; covid-19 and it is updated from 4 to 30 types of cancer ”, exposed Luisa María Alcalde, secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, on her Twitter account.

In an interview in The Economist During the design process of the project, Cointa Lagunes, director of Standardization of Occupational Health and Safety of the STPS, announced that the table of diseases would include diseases linked to psychosocial and ergonomic risk factors, in addition to providing greater clarity in dermatological effects. and respiratory.

At the time, the official stated that the disease table it would be one of the most advanced in the world once its design was completed and he explained that this update would make it easier for occupational physicians to classify occupational risks.

Through a statement, the STPS reported that the evaluation table that will accompany that of diseases in the LFT contemplates the part, apparatus or organ of the body affected, the sequel to the accident or work-related illness and the percentage of disability that can be applied due to illness. Likewise, new evaluation mechanisms for illnesses such as HIV, mental disorders, work-related cancers, among others, will be incorporated.

Updating the table of diseases is an issue that was also on the legislative agenda, in both legislative chambers various initiatives have been presented to update the list contemplated in the LFT, a good part of the projects have focused on the incorporation of the burnout or work stress as a work-related illness.

“The STPS complies with article 513 of the Federal Labor Law to facilitate and continue with the conducive legislative process, and reform articles 513, 514 and 515 of the Law”, highlighted the agency. The document will be sent to the Presidency of the Republic so that, in turn, it will be presented as a reform project before the Congress of the Union.