Certificates expire before summer vacation

Many certificates for the corona virus will already expire in the summer. Does this now threaten the holiday plans of the Swiss?

the essentials in brief

  • After the end of the Corona measures, the travel industry is experiencing a real boom.
  • However, the unknown remains: Many Covid certificates will expire in the summer.
  • However, travel agencies do not believe that the holidays of the Swiss will fail because of this.

Anyone who looks at their Covid certificate again with a view to their long-awaited summer holidays could be in for a shock. For many who were vaccinated or boosted in the fall, the expiry date of the certificate is fast approaching. Hundreds of thousands of certificates are likely to expire soon.

At the same time, there are popular holiday destinations that still require a valid Covid certificate for entry. So what do you do to avoid suddenly getting stuck at customs?

Travel and corona virus: Clarify everything well

“It’s always worth clarifying which validity rules apply in your destination country,” advises the BAG on request. Because many countries are less strict than Switzerland. In other countries, the Covid certificate is sometimes valid longer than in Germany.

Tour operator Tui can also reassure: “Various destinations are relaxing their regulations almost every day.”

Relaxed England, strict USA

In EU countries such as Italy or Spain, you are considered vaccinated up to 270 days after the second or booster vaccination. In order to enter Italy, a form must also be filled out before entry.

You can even get to the UK without a vaccination or test. The USA are stricter. There you need a negative test or proof of recovery that is not older than 90 days, regardless of the vaccination status.

According to the travel agency, however, very few Swiss people are concerned about their certificate for the corona virus. This does not affect holiday planning, Tui said when asked by Nau.ch. “However, due to the pandemic, people have a greater need for security and flexibility.”

Those interested in travel are primarily asking about the effects of a corona infection on holidays. That means, according to the possibility of cancellation or rebooking.

“Travel insurance is taken out more often than average,” says Kuoni. The corona virus is still a topic in almost every consultation.

Are you traveling abroad in the summer?

“Our customers still have a great need for information,” Hotelplan notes. This is because regulations can vary greatly from country to country. In addition, not all countries have yet reopened their borders.

At least at Kuoni, no one believes that the holidays will fail because of the expiring Swiss certificates. “We’re confident about that.”

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