Children’s songs with dark subliminal messages

Protect the innocence and happiness of kids It is one of the main objectives of parents, who, ideally, seek to be aware of what their children listen to and see, which is why children’s songs end up being the most sought after in any format.

Unfortunately, not everything that is believed to be innocent is pure, which is why many have been surprised that behind the songs that marked his childhood, there are subliminal messages that can be perceived if they are heard backwards.

As a preamble to Children’s Day, Here are some of the songs that weren’t as full of love, magic, and fun as you’d think.

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1. “I love you” by Barney

children’s television program “Barney and his friends”, which told the story of a large purple dinosaur that lived several adventures with some children and which premiered on April 6, 1992, undoubtedly marked the lives of many children.

For sample, your song “I love you”, that remained in the subconscious of many people. His famous choir quoted the following: “I love you and you love me, we are a happy family, with a big hug and a kiss I will tell you, my love is for you.”

But despite being considered one of the flagship programs for children’s audiences in the 90s, it was discovered that its song turned upside down was not as innocent as it seemed, which opened the discussion on subliminal messages.

If many were already disgusted to listen to its “smooth” original version, now, with the sound inverted, many are terrified:

“Heriberto died, save the prefuno”, “Ibara will join here” or “what today is given without an ax”, is heard on the back.

2. “Chicken Pio”

Although for many it is simply a children’s song, it is an Italian adaptation of a Brazilian children’s poem called “O pintinho Piu” by Erisvaldo da Silva, 1980. It was performed for the first time by Trio Nortista in Brazil.

Later, the rights to the song were acquired by Globo Records and the version was adapted into Italian, which with a music video created by the animation group of Federico Mancosu, achieved worldwide success, which is why it was translated into different languages.

To date, it has more than 280 million views on YouTube, while the Spanish version exceeds one billion, being one of the most viewed videos worldwide.

But this apparently innocent song, which talks about farm animals, although it seems hard to believe, also has subliminal messages if you turn the Spanish version upside down, many have classified them as satanic because it says:

“I’m going to kill you”, “Drug, drug” and “The black eats you”. Shocking!

3. Song of “Oliver and Benji” (Super soccer champions)

“Captain Tsubasa”, better known in Latin America as the “Football super champions” is one of the most famous Japanese animes worldwide, created and illustrated by Yōichi Takahashi in 1981. Its first anime adaptation was given in 1983 by TV Tokyo, under the direction of Isamu Imakake and has had three more.

The story, which has already become a soccer benchmark for many generations, was translated into several languages, but in the song that opened each episode of the Spanish version, called “Oliver and Benji” in that country, if you put reverse, you hear:

“Long live Hitler, long live Hitler, stealing there is only hunger and love, long live Hitler… long live Hitler I praised him like the Sun”. Who’d say!

4. “Spongebob Squarepants” Theme

The famous animated series “Sponge Bob” It has also been shrouded in some controversy, and is surrounded by a veil of mystery. According to some critics, the character created by the late American producer and biologist, Stephen Hillenburg, who appears to be charismatic, cheerful and sometimes clumsy, often has subliminal messages that only adults could understand.

Various hidden messages have also been found when listening to some songs backwards, especially the main theme, which supposedly says:

“Ha, ha, ha, Bob drowned, Bob drowned, Bob takes drugs, (x4), It’s that useless eating the kids, happiness always opens mushrooms uuuhhh…”

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5. Entrance of “The three twins”

“The three Twins” is a Spanish cartoon series based on the stories created by Roser Capdevila, which was created in 1997.

The series was very popular at the time and ideal for many children, since it tells the adventures of some triplets that every time they do something bad they are punished by the Bored Witch, who sends them to different stories or historical events so that they learn the truth. lesson.

Although it was a story at first glance innocent and far from controversial, any good impression changed when someone thought to turn the introductory song and discovered the hidden message it had:

“You have to start, sex, hard sex, sex,” he says repeatedly.

6. Opening of “We Bare Bears”

the animated series “We bare bears”, better known in Latin America as “Escandalosos” created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network in 2015, caused a sensation in thousands of people, becoming a worldwide success.

The series captivated many people of all ages, as it deals with the adventures of three brother bears: Grizzly, Panda and Polar and their attempts to integrate into the society of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The success has been so great that not only did it stay on the screen, but it also has a large franchise of different articles.

But to the surprise of many, these little bears also have their dark side and that is that the introductory song of each chapter turned upside down says the following:

“There is no damn sincerity, smoking”, “I have a black cat, dust…”, “Ozuma gives him corn, it’s bad”, “Damn I broke a new record, I played ‘teibol’…”