Golden Cinema. Actors who decided to take their own lives

One of the most important times in the history of Mexico is the Golden Cinema, where several actors and actresses stood out internationally. Nevertheless, some icons of the time made the tragic decision to take their own lives when they were at the height of their careerssome for reasons other than mental health, showing the dark side of fame.

Such was the case of the actor Pedro Armendáriz and the actresses Miroslava Stern and Lucha Reyes, who stood out in several Mexican films of the Cine de Oro that were recognized worldwide at festivals in Europe and the United States. In addition to working with other important figures of Mexican cinema such as María Félix, Miguel Inclán and Dolores del Río.

These were the actors of the Cine de Oro who decided to take their own lives

Peter Armendariz

One of the most famous actors of the Cine de Oro in Mexico was Pedro Armendáriz who lived a large part of his life in Texas, USA and stood out with a career of 32 filmsworking with famous actresses of the time such as Maria Felix.

His most recognized films were “Wild flower” (1942), “Maria Candelaria“(1943), ” Bougainvillea“(1945), “In love“(1946), “The Pearl” (1947) and “Maclovia” (1948). Also participated in various film productions in France, England, ItalySpain and Hollywood.

Photo: Pedro Armendariz (file)

In 1956 he recorded a film which was filmed in Utah, near a site where the US government had conducted nuclear teststhis event affected several actors, including Pedro Armendáriz, since the radioactivity caused him cancer.

In 1959 he was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph glands.. Her last film appearance was in 1963 in the second James Bond film. That same year he was hospitalized in Los Angeles, where he was told he had about a year to live.

Before the news, Pedro Armendáriz decided to take his own life with a gun Colt Magnum caliber 357, his remains are in the Garden Pantheon.

Miroslava Stern

The Czechoslovak actress but nationalized in Mexico He stood out in the Golden Cinema for films such as “School of vagabonds” in 1955, “Fly young! (1947 and “La muerte enamorada” (1951) meeting great figures of the time, in addition to being nominated for an Ariel Award.

In 1955, when his career was at an all time high, he became national news because she made the decision to take her own life, the young actress committed suicide with an overdose of barbiturates.

According to the newspapers of the time, her housekeeper found her lifeless in her room, holding the photo of her supposed love Luis Miguel Dominguín, who had married the actress Lucía Bosé and in the other hand held three cards.

fight kings

The actress Lucha Reyes was recognized for films such as “Canción del alma” (1937), “The Land of the Mariachi” (1938), “With Villa’s Dorados” (1939), “The Fox of Jalisco” (1940) and ¡Ay Jalisco, don’t give up! (1941). In addition to having a great talent for music.

Nevertheless, her addiction to alcohol caused her to be fired from several musical groups and other projects. However, that did not prevent her from becoming a star on stage, standing out for singing with a bottle in her hand.


Photo: Lucha Reyes (file)

In 1944, actress Lucha Reyes fell into a deep depression after the death of the mother of her first husbandThis event caused her addiction to alcohol to increase, so on June 24 she decided to mix the drink with barbiturates. Although her youngest daughter found her and called the paramedics, the actress died.