Jay de la Cueva’s harsh message after the theft of instruments from Moderatto: “We have a very bad taste in our mouths”

The band is very famous for the energy it transmits (Instagram/@moderattomx)

after the band moderate denounce through social networks the theft of their instruments prior to their presentation in the Puebla Fair 2022the vocalist of the group, Jay of the Cavespoke about the hard time they went through and condemned the events.

It was during an interview with Azucena Uresti that the singer of hits like I already saw it coming A thousand demons either Zodiac He commented that they were dismayed that this type of crime continued to exist.

“All Mexicans are concerned about security. we have a lot of sadness because of what happens on federal highways also of everything that happens in Mexico“, said.

Jay de la Cueva recalled a little the how the robbery was triggered and pointed out that, within all that bad time, the good thing was that the people who were traveling in the vehicle were fine.

The Moderatto group lost their instruments after an assault (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
The Moderatto group lost their instruments after an assault (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

“The truck that transported the band’s equipment was hijacked, the three operators were hooded and had them walking around. Fortunately everyone is fine. For me it is unfortunate because it is our work toolwe are musicians and with that we generate emotions in people”, deepened the singer.

Likewise, the interpreter pointed out that Moderatto trusted that the corresponding dependencies will take charge of the matter so that it has a prompt favorable resolution.

“We trust the authorities and that our team appears, andbecause we generate employment for many people. She appeared in a corralón, we don’t know how she got there. The first was to know if the people on the team were okay. We have a very bad taste in our mouths. We have the opportunity to manifest the action and that something be done to continue taking the show to all of Mexico”, he concluded.

Regarding how they managed to continue with their show despite the unforeseende la Cueva pointed out that they obtained other instruments and added that their followers were very kind to them.

The singers performed despite the incident with their instruments (Photo: Moderatto's Instagram)
The singers performed despite the incident with their instruments (Photo: Moderatto’s Instagram)

We get borrowed and rented instruments so that the public can enjoy the Fair of Puebla. There are many fans who have sent us messages that lend us their instruments. We are very grateful for such solidarity,” he added.

It should be remembered that hours after the incident was reported by the musicians, the Puebla State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that it had recovered the band’s cargo vehicle, however, it said that the instruments and material had yet to be located. that the artists would use for their presentation.

“Recover @FiscaliaPuebla trailer for the group @moderatto stolen near Chalco, State of Mexico. The intervention of specialized personnel prevails to locate the equipment that the unit was transporting. The case is ongoing”, was read in the Twitter message of the official account of this dependency.

Through a statement on their social networks, the musical group explained that the armed command kidnapped the drivers who brought their equipment, they went up hooded and they locked them in a car to, finally, Throw them on a dirt road near the town where they were going to perform.

The band reported the theft of their instruments (Capture: @moderattomx/Instagram)
The band reported the theft of their instruments (Capture: @moderattomx/Instagram)

“We make a careful request to the federal authorities of the State of Puebla and the State of Mexico, since this situation was in the border between the two states, they are our work tools, we just want to do our thing: Bring entertainment and give the best for the people of Puebla and all the people who support us and travels from nearby places to see us”, could be read in the statement of moderate.


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