New video shows Alec Baldwin’s reaction to learning of Halyna Hutchins’ death

MEXICO CITY (appro). – Six months after the death of the cinematographer of the film Rust, Halyna Hutchins, the video of the moment in which the actor Alec Baldwin received the news of the death of his collaborator, whom he apparently accidentally shot, was leaked .

According to Sky News, New Mexico police released all files associated with the ongoing criminal investigation into Hutchins’ death on October 21, 2021, including detective camera footage, incident reports , crime scene photos and witness interviews collected during the investigation.

Thus, the videos recorded by the Santa Fe County police came to light after the accident, when the actor rehearsed a scene from the movie Rust -starring and produced by Baldwin himself- and fired an alleged blank weapon that hit the woman, who lost her life seconds later at the University of New Mexico Hospital. The investigation of the facts is still open.