Paola Rojas falls in love dressed as a quinceañera at 45

Like a beauty queen and remembering her teenage years, the beautiful Mexican journalist, Paola Rojasfalls in love dressed as a quinceañera at 45. The headline of the news On Air with Paola Rojasmet a challenge to wear this classic dress for young girls who celebrate their arrival at the “age of illusions”, and showed the video to the world.

From your Instagram Stories, Paola Rojas explained the process since she arrived at the party dress store where she would characterize herself as a quinceañeradue to a challenge that he launched and that, like a true lady, the driver of Divine Net complied to the letter.

The ex-wife of the footballer appears in the video he published on social networks Zague sporting a fluffy and picturesque quinceanera dress pink, with a heart-shaped corset and a fluffy tulle skirt, as well as her traditional crown on her head.

The challenge was to dress quinceañera and accompany a girl who was turning 15 years old on a tour of the street of the brides in the Historic Center of Mexico City, where they would tour stalls, businesses and streets.

“They gave me the challenge and I fulfilled it. We agreed that I would dress as a quinceañera and walk like that down the street of the brides, Celeste with her 15 years and I with mine. Let’s say that between the two of us we have about 60, ”said the nice driver, laughing.

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The beauty of the matter is that the beautiful activity and challenge of Paola Rojas was carried out by a special campaign of the Undersecretary of the CDMX Penitentiary System in conjunction with the Alas de Amor association and businessmen, to celebrate the 15 years of 11 daughters of women deprived of their liberty in the Santa María Acatitla prison, where even some party dress businesses donated the dresses to the festejadas.

In addition, Paola Rojas He confessed that it was the first time in his life that he used a quinceanera dressfor which, surely, she was able to realize some of her childhood dreams, which also generated a great sensation on social networks, where they praised her for her beauty and friendliness, and made them admire her more for her originality and daring.

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“Let’s go for a walk in our beautiful dress. I never had such a beautiful dress, so I feel like a dream”, said Paola.

“Here is your chamberlain”, “You look like a princess”, “Paola, divine as always”, “You look so cute, baby”, “Paola, God bless you for being so special and affectionate”, “I can be your chamberlain”, “Uff body to wear a quinceañera dress”, “You are a beautiful woman Pao, I love your way of having fun with the challenge”, they wrote to him.

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