Slightly diva, Fabiola Guajardo poses in a white swimsuit

What seemed like a classic full white swimsuit was actually one of the sexiest garments that Fabiola Guajardo has modeled in her last visits to the beach, because the details that were not seen with the naked eye, she was in charge of making them notice with studied approaches of the camera that left more than one with their mouths open.

The Mexican actress is already fully involved in the role of her new Sony Pictures series and wore “slightly life posing in a white swimsuit with which he left almost nothing to the imagination, despite the fact that at first it seemed like one of the most classic garments to spend a day at the beach.

The risky design of the swimsuit was revealed by Fabiola Guajardo herself, who shared a photograph making a close up of her hip area and unleashed the madness of her millions of admirers on social networks, who began to tremble before such beauty.

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Great body and manicure

In a break from the recordings of “Ligeramente vida”, Fabiola Guajardo escaped to the beaches of the Dominican Republic to spend a few days off and tan her skin with the sun, but very much in her style, she took out her best swimsuits to steal glances from the sand.

In a series of images that the Monterrey actress shared on her Instagram profile, she is seen modeling in a full white swimsuit, a classic garment that has passed down generations and continues to be a trend each season.

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Muddy with sand and with a spectacular background, Fabiola Guajardo accelerated the pulse of her more than 2 million followers in the little camera application modeling her swimsuit, which had a very striking design on the cut of the hips.

The garment covered the bust and torso area very well, but in the bikini part had a very high cut and thin that left the hips of the villain of “The rich also cry” exposed, who showed a lot of skin and allowed her fans to delight in the impressive view she offered, looking like a goddess.

Fabiola Guajardo left her followers on the verge of a heart attack by adding an image to the series of postcards in which she showed off her manicure, but placed her hand next to her hip and then showed the cut of her swimsuit in more detail, making her Compliments rained on your publication.

“Perfect, kisses platonic love”, “Beautiful”, “You are a good worker!”, “Always beautiful”, “So hot”, “Beautiful, you are the most beautiful mermaid that emerged from the depths of the oceans”, “Pure beauty“,”What beautiful nails and rings!“,”I marry them!“,”The queen of queens, always beautiful“,”Spectacular!“,”Precious“,”You are the most beautiful woman in the whole planet”, were some of the reactions of his fans in networks.

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