The 10 best dramatic movies to cry your eyes out

One of the best ways to get away from the harsh reality and relax having a good time is enjoying a good movie, either in the movie theater or from the comfort of the sofa at home, with a multitude of genres for all tastes.

Although there are times when the body asks us to become sensitive and seek dramatic movies to enjoy and cry to mucus tended in equal parts.


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Whether the entire film is pure drama or has certain tearful parts, we find many titles that are worth watching, even if you are not a big fan of dramas.

Today, in Hobby Consoles, we review some movies with heartbreaking stories to cry your eyes out that are worth watching.


  • Year: 2019
  • Duration: 120 min.
  • director: Celine Sciamma
  • Gender: Romantic drama

Written and directed by Céline Sciamma, Portrait of a woman on fire is a drama and romance film starring Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel.

Its plot places us in France in 1770 and follows the story of Marianne, a painter who is commissioned by a countess to paint the wedding portrait of her daughter Héloïse, a young woman who has just left the convent and who has serious doubts about to his next marriage.

But Héloïse does not accept her destiny as a married woman and refuses to pose, so Marianne must work in secret. To do this, she pretends to be a companion, in order to observe her during the day and paint her at night.

This makes their relationship becomes more intense as they share together Héloïse’s last moments of freedom before her wedding, leaving several moments of the most harrowing.


fragments of a woman
  • Year: 2020
  • Duration: 126 min.
  • director: Kornel Mundruczo
  • Gender: family drama

Another of the best dramatic movies recent is fragments of a womanfilm directed by Kornél Mundruczó starring Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf.

Its plot follows the story of Martha and Sean Carson, a Boston couple whose lives are turned upside down when their son dies during a home birth due to the negligence of a midwife.

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After the terrible event, the couple denounces the midwife in court, starting a long way of the cross for Martha.

Martha’s life becomes a penance in which She will have to face the judgment of her family and society, as well as Sean’s grief and her mother’s overbearing concern.Elizabeth. This is our review of Fragments of a Woman.


  • Year: 2016
  • Duration: 111 min.
  • director: Barry Jenkins
  • Gender: Drama

Directed by Barry Jenkins and starring, among others, Trevante Rhodes, Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali, moonlit tells the story of an African-American boy who grows up in a conflictive area of ​​Miami in the face of his family’s misunderstanding and the violence of the neighborhood boys.

The film shows the boy’s childhood, adolescence and maturity as he tries to survive in a troubled neighborhood. ravaged by drug dealing, violence and bullying while discovering his attraction to one of his classmates. Here we leave you our review of Moonlight.


Looking for happiness
  • Year: 2006
  • Duration: 116 min.
  • director: Gabriele Muccino
  • Gender: Drama

Starring Will Smith, Thandiwe Newton and Jaden Smith, Looking for happiness It is all a tearful film based on the true story that Chris Gardner lived.

Chris is a brilliant and talented salesman, but his job doesn’t allow him to meet his most basic needs, which ends up causing him and his five-year-old son to be kicked out of their San Francisco apartment.

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With nowhere to go, when Chris lands an internship at a prestigious stock brokerage, father and son will have to face many adversities to make their dream of a better life come true.

The entire film is a message of overcoming in which, no matter how many obstacles life puts in your way, with determination you can get ahead, although it is inevitable that we constantly suffer for the fate of Chris and his son.


  • Year: 1997
  • Duration: 195 min.
  • director: James Cameron
  • Gender: Romantic drama

Between the great movie dramas we have titanicafilm directed by James Cameron that has a luxury cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates and Frances Fisher.

The movie narrates the romance that arises between Jack and Rose, young people who meet during the Titanic cruise in the middle of the Atlantic and fall in love. But he is a humble hustler and she is a lady of high society, destined to take vows in a marriage she does not want. You can read our Titanic review here.


two meters from you
  • Year: 2019
  • Duration: 116 min.
  • director: Justin Baldon
  • Gender: Romantic drama

Directed by Justin Baldoni two meters from you is quite a romantic drama starring Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse.

Its plot follows the story of Will and Stella, two teenagers who suffer from cystic fibrosis and are admitted to the hospital for treatment, meeting there.

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romantic movies

Although both try to take refuge in their own world, inevitably both Stella and Will end up falling in love with each other.

The couple must fight to keep their relationship alive, with a single rule: separate with a distance of about two meters to prevent both from being infected. However, the lives of both will be in danger.


Sound of Metal
  • Year: 2019
  • Duration: 120 min.
  • director: Darius Marder
  • Gender: Drama

Another of the best drama movies it is Sound of Metala film directed by Darius Marder starring Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke, Paul Raci and Mathieu Amalric, among others.

It tells the story of Ruben, a former drug-addicted metal drummer who begins to lose his hearing and is warned by his doctor that his condition will get worse, so he believes his career and life are over.

In order for him to adapt to his new life, Ruben’s girlfriend takes him to a rehabilitation center for the deaf. where, once received and accepted, you will have to choose between your new normal and your old life.


Life is Beautiful
  • Year: 1997
  • Duration: 117 min.
  • director: Roberto Benigni
  • Gender: Dramatic comedy

could not miss among the best dramatic movies to cry your eyes out Life is Beautifulan essential film directed by and starring Roberto Benigni that won a total of three Oscars for Best Actor for Benigni, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Score.

Starting as a funny comedy, the film tells the story of how the young Guido meets the beautiful Dora and in his peculiar way manages to flirt with her and they end up getting married and having a child.

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patch Adams

However, everything changes when World War II breaks out and Guido and his family are interned in an extermination camp, focusing his plot more on the drama.

Guido, of a cheerful nature, will do anything to make your child believe that they are participating in a competition to win a fantastic prize, trying to get a smile even in the worst possible situation. Here you can read our review of Life is beautiful.


The fireflies's grave
  • Year: 1988
  • Duration: 93 min.
  • director: Isao Takahata
  • Gender: Drama

Written and directed by Isao Takahata, The fireflies’s grave It is considered one of the most dramatic films of Japanese animation.without a doubt forming part of the moments of anime series and movies that made us cry the most.

This war drama tells the sad story of the young Seita and his little sister Setsuko, children of a Japanese naval officer who, during a bombardment, fail to reach the bunker where their mother is waiting for them in time, only to find her badly injured afterwards.

Taken in by their aunt, the young people, fed up with the bad treatment they receive, decide to run away from home and try to survive on their own, giving rise to several of the hardest moments seen in animated films. You can read our review of Grave of the Fireflies here.


A couple of three
  • Year: 2008
  • Duration: 120 min.
  • director: David Frankell
  • Gender: Romantic comedy

Directed by David Frankel and starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, Threesome is a romantic comedy that tells the story of John and Jenny, newlyweds who move to Florida to start a new life together.

Since John doesn’t feel ready to be a father yet, he follows his friend’s advice and gives Jenny a Labrador puppy. Nevertheless, the animal soon grows and becomes a whole mass of 45 kilos that transforms the house into a real catastrophe.

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Shutter Island

Although it is a funny movie, the film leaves us with a rather harsh dramatic moment in which (eye, they come SPOILERS), after becoming fond of the dog throughout the film, finally the poor animal ends up dying. If you have recently lost your best friend, we do not recommend that you watch the movie or you will suffer greatly.

Here we end our review of these movies with heartbreaking stories to cry your eyes out that are worth watching. If you prefer other more cheerful recommendations, here we leave you some of the best Netflix original laugh and humor comedies to break out laughing.