The terrifying film that premieres in theaters in Spain and you can’t miss it

In the director’s new slasher film Ti West (The House of the Devil)a complicated task is proposed, but just as Hereditary, Midsommar, The Witch Y hereditary, the distributor A24 does not disappoint and disturbs us again. Its writer-director knows that a society obsessed with youth is much more terrified not only of growing old, but also of confronting the terrifyingly real desires of the elderly.

The film, titled Xis set in Texas in 1979 and stars mia gothwho plays Maxine, a young aspiring actress who travels with her older producer boyfriend (Martin Henderson) to a remote farm outside of Houston to shoot a porn movie. They are accompanied on the trip by two other artists from the adult film industry (Kid Cudi and Brittany Snow), as well as the film’s rookie director (Owen Campbell) and his girlfriend and sound engineer for the shoot (Jenna Ortega).