4 animated movies for the whole family to watch in streaming and that are ideal for Mother’s Day

This Sunday is the Mother’s Day in Spain, and if you are one of those who enjoy celebrating it by watching movies as a family, there are never many recommendations to have the perfect afternoon. In this case here we leave you 4 films in which mothers have a very important role and that can be seen in streaming.


pixar took his time to give us a film with a female lead and a mother not entirely absent, but ‘Brave’ is a fantastic story focused on the relationship between mother and daughter. Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews They leave us a story full of adventures, a whirlwind of emotions and spectacular animation.

Merida is a rebellious teenager trying to escape from her strict mother, who only wants the best for her daughter. The two have very opposite personalities and clash often, but when queen elinor turns into a gigantic black bear, the two of you finally begin to understand each other and forge a much deeper bond.

‘Beyond the moon’

beyond the moon

‘Beyond the moon’ has been the first foray of the legendary animator Glen Keane as a feature film director, and he has also left us a perfect film for these dates to enjoy with the family. It has a sensational graphic section and catchy songs to frame this story inspired by Chinese mythology.

In this case the mother of Fei Fei She has died, but precisely the love for her mother and her memory are the driving force that moves the entire plot and leads her to embark on a long journey to the moon to meet the legendary Goddess of the Moon.

‘Nimh, the secret world of Mrs Brisby’

Secret Of Nihm

The protagonist of ‘Nimh, the secret world of Mrs. Brisby’ is the perfect example of a “mother courage” and a type of character that we did not see so much in the animation of a few decades ago. Mrs Brisby is a widowed field mouse who lives with her children on a farm. When one of her children falls ill, she must lie down to get well or she could die, but the owners of the farm want to plow the land and this destroys the mice’s home. In order to save her children and her house, Mrs. Brisby sets out on a journey to find a colony of very special rats with superior intelligence.

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this movie of Don Bluth is a bit dark (especially when compared to so many other children’s titles) but it is still a jewel of animation that should not fall into oblivion.

‘Lilo and Stitch’

Lilo and Stitch 2

this movie of Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois It’s also a bit of a twist on “mom stories,” since technically there aren’t any anywhere. Nevertheless, Nani She is one of the best mother figures in the entire Disney universe: she is still a child but she has the very difficult task of taking care of her little sister and she does it the best she can. Although Lilo Not the easiest girl in the world, Nani does her best to understand her and give her the love she needs while facing too harsh realities, such as the threat of social services.

With all this, no, ‘Lilo and Stitch’ it’s not a drama. It is a funny movie and full of very emotional moments. that mixes what could be a family story in Hawaii with a science fiction adventure thanks to the arrival of Stitch, who destroys everything around him but also changes the lives of the two sisters.