Bunbury bursts in with force and presents “Waiting for a sign”, theme for the film ‘Oliver’s Universe’ – Al Día

here comes the video clip of the main theme of this film and which has been composed for the film by Enrique Bunbury. As we say, it is the first song that he releases after announcing his withdrawal from the stage last month of february. The video, produced by Rafa Sardine and led by Eric Boudellaimmerses us in magical worlds for which the protagonist of the film is also carried away and evokes the music of the 80s in which the story is set.

The movie, ‘Oliver’s Universewill hit theaters on next may 13 from the hand of Filmax. It is the new project of the director alexis morante (Heroes. Silencio y Rock & Roll, Camarón: Flamenco y Revolución, Bla Bla Bla), his first fiction film after being nominated three times for the Goya Awards.

The protagonists of the film are Mary Leon (Goya for Best Revelation Actress for The Sleeping Voice), save queen (Best supporting actor at the Malaga Festival 2014) and Peter Casablan (nominated for a Goya for best actor for B), along with Ruben Fulgencio, who plays the young protagonist Oliver.

Sources from the creation of this initiative assure us that the film is about a story that speaks of the magic and adventure of make us older that represents a love letter to our parents and grandparents, a thank you for helping us to be what we are and a tingling memory of that “first time” felt by the child in all of us.

Before giving more information about the film, let’s listen to the bet of Bunbury specially created.

Official video

letter by lettersbd

You can not deny it

Let’s sweat and then shine

what will come will come

Whatever it is, it will not escape us

one gets tired of surviving

So hurry up slowly

You can’t stand so much reality

You will have to create a world into the unknown

let’s finish

The work we started to create

In the deep

Or at a minimum safe distance

One always gets tired of living

In a permanent state of emergency

And you can’t watch

A city that is on night and day

waiting for a sign

Don’t let another chance slip away

When you see her pass

You can not deny it

Let’s sweat and then shine

And let what has to happen happen

The universe has a much better plan

that the one you can imagine

As much as one is thinking night and day

waiting for a sign

waiting for a sign

waiting for a sign

waiting for a sign

waiting for a sign

Own alexis morante signs the film script with Raul Santos, Miguel Angel Gonzalezbased on the homonymous novel of the latter, and written in collaboration with Ignatius of Moral (Goya for Best Adapted Screenplay and author of The Sleeping Voice or Mondays in the Sun).

The film has been shot entirely in Andalusia, on locations in Seville and the field of Gibraltar.


The year is 1985. Oliver, a boy with an overflowing imagination, moves with his family to the southernmost corner of Europe, just as Halley’s Comet is about to pass by.

These events will mark a before and after in the emotional life of Óliver, who will look to the stars for the solution to his problems at the new school, in the neighborhood and at home. To make matters worse, his grandfather, nicknamed “el majara” is encouraged to help him interpret the comet’s message and take a step forward in his new Universe.


alexis morante is one of the most talented emerging filmmakers in the film industry. It has obtained three nominations for the Goya Awards: Best Short Film in 2017 (Bla Bla Bla), Best Documentary in 2019 (Camarón: Flamenco y Revolución) and in 2022 (Héroes. Silencio and Rock & Roll), in addition to several nominations for the Awards Platinum, the Recent Spanish Cinema Series in Los Angeles and the ASECAN Awards.

He has directed video clips for singers such as Bunbury, David Bisbal, Macaque either Fito Cabrales, among many others. He recently won a Latin Grammy for best long music video for ‘Sanz: What I was is what I am’.