Calendar of premieres and seasons

Premiere: May 2

The Staircase

A series based on real events, a drama and intrigue miniseries in which we will follow the story of the writer Michael Peterson. Distraught over the death of his wife, who has fallen down some stairs, He has been accused of murdering her. It is not a documentary or a docuseries but it is a series based on real events, a true crime applauded by critics and that will become one of the series of the month. Starring Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Parker Posey, Sophie Turner or Juliette Binoche.

Platform: HBO Max

Premiere: May 6

welcome to eden

Welcome to Eden is the new Spanish youth series on Netflix. Starring Amaia Aberasturi, Amaia Salamanca, Belinda Peregrín, Lola Rodríguez, Sergio Momo, Begoña Vargas, Ana Mena, Berta Vázquez… And it tells us about the experience of four young people on a secret island. As they collect from their synopsis on Netflix, “some young people attend an exclusive party on a remote island. But the tempting paradise they find hides very dangerous secrets and traps.”

Platform: Netflix

Premiere: May 6

Our father

A new documentary that arrives on Netflix on May 11 and tells us the story of a true crime. A new true-crime that tells us how a woman discovers, after a DNA test at home, that she has all kinds of stepbrothers. The story of a fertility specialist that will arrive in the middle of the month and that will become another of the expected premieres of May and one of the most followed Netflix documentaries.

Platform: Netflix

Premiere: May 11

Watch Our Father on Netflix

how i met your father

A spin-off of the comedy series that will arrive on Disney Plus on May 11, 2022, one of the most anticipated sequels and whose protagonist will be Hilary Duff giving life to Sophie. Sophie will begin to tell her son the story of how he met his father in New York. As in the original, we will be following flashbacks to find out how she met her now husband, what her life was like with her friends until we reached the father of her child.

Platform: Disney+

Premiere: May 11

conversations between friends

After the success of Normal People brought to television, it is another book by Sally Rooney that will be released in series format this May. The first of the British writer’s books will arrive this May. Frances and Bobbi are two university students who have been a couple. Now friends, your relationship will change after meeting Melissa and her husband Nicka couple in their forties with whom they will begin a peculiar relationship in a series that tells the story of a book about the most bohemian Ireland, open relationships, free love.

Platform: HBO Max

Premiere: May 15

night sky

Night Sky is a science fiction drama from Amazon Studios, a new series that we will see in May and that will premiere on May 20 on Amazon Prime Video with a first season of eight episodes. Night Sky tells us the story of a couple who discovered a hidden room in the backyard. A room that leads to a desert planet. A door that only they know about for years until an enigmatic young man appears in his life.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Premiere: May 20

Obi-Wan Kenobi

One of the most anticipated releases of May 2022 is that of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the new Star Wars series that will arrive at Disney at the end of the month and whose protagonist is the character that gives it its name. Eight years after “Revenge of the Sith” and that seeks to tell us about the life of the Jedi Knight until he became the mentor of Luke Skywalker that we have all seen in the saga of the galaxies.

Platform: Disney

Premiere: May 27

The time traveler’s wife

Based on a novel written by Aufrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife is the new series coming to HBO Max later this month. On May 28, this series arrives that tells the story of Clare and Henry, a marriage that travels back in time.

Platform: HBO Max

Premiere: May 28

New movies

Beyond new series, we will have new movie premieres on the different streaming platforms. A new teenage feature film called “Sneakerella: Cinderella in Slippers” will arrive at Disney Plus, whose title makes us intuit what will this renewed version of the classic tale be about where a young aspiring sneaker designer will fall in love with the daughter of a sneaker entrepreneur.

A teenage love drama is also coming to Netflix on May 6 with his new movie “Let yourself go”. A love story in which we will meet two young teenagers who have insomnia and wander when everyone is asleep.

On Amazon Prime Video we can see the latest James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig, “No time to die”after Amazon’s agreement with MGM and that will be available from May 1 along with the entire collection of these tapes.

Returns and new seasons

Not only new series arrive but there are important comebacks among the best series that we should not miss in May 2022. The most important and the most anticipated premiere is undoubtedly that of Stranger Things which will have a fourth season at the end of this month. Eleven and the others return to Netflix on May 27 with new episodes, new enemies.

Netflix also returns other series such as “3 meters above the sky” with a third and final season that will arrive at the beginning of the month: from May 4 on Netflix we will be able to see the new adventures of these teenagers on idyllic beaches.

Another of the most anticipated releases of the month will be on May 18 on Disney Plus and it is the last season of The Walking Dead. Zombie fans will be able to see the outcome of this series that has been with us for years being one of the most popular.

If you want Spanish series that return this month, “missing” will do so with a second season on Amazon Prime Video on May 13 to follow Juan Echanove’s brigade in charge of finding all kinds of disappeared persons voluntarily or not.