Chabelo sent a message for Children’s Day: “Cuates of all ages”

Xavier López “Chabelo” sent a message for Children’s Day (Photo: Facebook/Family with Chabelo)

chabelo again he took his social networks to communicate with his public, as he congratulated all his followers within the framework of the Children’s Day.

This Saturday, April 30, Xavier López chabelo returned to your account Twitterafter having used it for the last time in February, to send a short message to the children to celebrate their day and also to their “friends”, regardless of their age.

“Happy day to all the friends of all ages! Happy Children’s Day!”

He quickly received hundreds of responses from his followers, who recalled their childhood watching the actor every Sunday.

"chabelo" congratulated his friends "of all ages" for Children's Day (Photo: screenshot/Twitter)
“Chabelo” congratulated his friends “of all ages” for Children’s Day (Photo: screenshot/Twitter)

Thank you for making my childhood a game!!!on Sundays you were unmissable and if I were a girl again, I would watch your program again”, “I don’t remember any Sunday of my childhood without Chabelo”, “congratulations to you too sirfor being part of our childhood”, were some comments from Internet users.

The tweet of friend of all children reached more than 27 thousand “likes” and around 700 responses.

Within the framework of Children’s Day, the actor also agreed to give an interview for the publication facesin which he spoke about his withdrawalalso thanked his fans for keeping him in their hearts and revealed that he misses being around his viewers.

Since it was issued in December 2015 the latest program In family with ChabeloXavier López has not returned to the small screen with a program, but, on the contrary, he moved away from the spotlight.

"In family with Chabelo" It stopped broadcasting almost seven years ago, during which time Xavier López has rarely appeared in interviews again (Photo: Twitter/@Cuahtemoc_1521)
“En familia con Chabelo” stopped airing almost seven years ago, during which time Xavier López has rarely appeared in interviews again (Photo: Twitter/@Cuahtemoc_1521)

Now, almost seven years after saying goodbye to the Televisa cameras, the actor assured that he is in the best moment of his life and enjoying good health.

“I am in very good health, and in excellent spirits at the moment (…) I am in the best momentenjoying the best of life”, he said in the interview.

On the other hand, he assured that for him, the programs that are currently on television leave much to be desired, since they have put aside family life, when before several hours of the Televisa catalog were dedicated to this genre, he said: “I like a lot (watch) soccer, movies and boxing. What I miss about television before is that there were more family programs”.

Chabelo posed for "faces" on the occasion of Children's Day (Photo: Instagram/@carasmexico)
Chabelo posed for “Caras” on the occasion of Children’s Day (Photo: Instagram/@carasmexico)

And it is that since he disappeared In family with Chabeloone of the longest-running shows on the San Ángel television station, only a few family programs managed to survive on Televisa.

On the other hand, he said he felt “very lucky” to continue in the hearts of the people and stressed that be close to your audience “It’s something I miss a lot”but did not speak of possibilities of returning to television.

He also mentioned that, according to him, currently children do not experience their environment and family life in the same way as before, because technology has made the new generations are distant.

“I think that the children of before enjoyed more the environment and family life. Unfortunately with today’s children a estrangement due to excessive use of technology”, he explained.

"In family with Chabelo" broadcasts ended between rumors and different versions of why Xavier López left Televisa (Photo: Twitter/@checovictoriag)
“In family with Chabelo” ended transmissions between rumors and different versions of why Xavier López left Televisa (Photo: Twitter/@checovictoriag)

He took the opportunity to share that he enjoys the memes that are made regarding his age, because they entertain him and he applauds the ingenuity of those who devise them, he added that he regrets not being “immortal”, as many of these funny images suppose.

ANDl Friend of all childrenat the end of the interview, he confessed that he would like to always be remembered as someone who loved his character very much and he would never “cataphyxiate” something in his life.

Currently, Lopez has 87 years and lives in his luxurious house in Mexico City, away from the cameras and accompanied by Teresita Miranda, his wife.


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