Christopher Uckermann retires after 11 years in novels

After more than 13 years without making telenovelas on Televisa, the famous actor and singer Christopher Uckermann has officially announced his withdrawal from the show to pursue something else.

And it seems that now Christopher Uckermann will focus on his spiritual path and creating music from that perspective.

As you may remember, actor Christopher Uckermann began his artistic career at a very young age, forming part of TV soaps such as ‘Friends forever’, ‘El Diario de Daniela’ and ‘Rebelde’, a project that allowed her to enter the music industry.

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After touring the world with one of the most successful bands in Mexico and Latin America, he began performing as a soloist with the album “Somos.”

However, he did not achieve the recognition he wanted and continued to play characters on film and television.

Then, at the end of 2020, he participated in the virtual concert in tribute to RBDof which he was part of the planning and creation of the concept.

But after the great success and once again taking over the news in the world of entertainment with his companions, Christopher Uckermann surprised his followers by announcing his retirement from the world of entertainment.

It was through a live on Instagram where the actor explained that he is focused on his spiritual studies, which is why he will stop making commercial content.

I wanted to share with you on this day of clarity and message, one of them, which is the importance of working and walking towards your dreams, of fulfilling your purpose, what is in your design, going after that dream”, he told his admirers.

This is how Uckermnann also reflected on the contents that are currently being produced and mentioned that he would like them to transmit a more positive message.

That we can consume things that feed. Imagine a world of good news, of being able to get up and read the newspaper or see something wonderful on the networks, that someone saved the animals, that someone did something good in the world for another person.

On the other hand, the actor told years ago in an interview that he never had an exclusive contract with the Televisa company, so that at the end of Rebelde he was able to do other projects.

The actor clarified that he will continue to create music and dedicate himself to art in different ways, however, now he will seek to learn from his work team and recognize his own successes.

I am no longer the protagonist, now we are the team, now we are the integrity integrated to the other and to grow together. I love celebrating with my team, it’s one of the things I enjoy the most in all my solo projects. “.

To finish, the singer reminded them that fame will never fill you, that search is well experienced, it is valid, but it will never fill you.

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