Doctor Strange 2 What do I need to know before watching it?

We are going to talk about everything you should see to understand the Doctor Strange 2 movie

You know who Doctor Strange is, right? lovers of a hobby specific we always believe that others know about this hobby the same as us, who are more or less informed like us. If we like football, we take it for granted that almost everyone we talk to has heard the latest news; if we are fans of comics we assume that most people know the characters that we know; If we like superhero movies, we’d be surprised if someone didn’t follow the vast majority of the news, if they didn’t watch all the movies and series… It is not usually this way.

And it is that, in general, we live “in a bubble” in which we interact (physically and virtually) with people who have the same tastes as us. Obviously, we talk about these tastes, hobbies and passions with all these people, what gives us the feeling that “the rest of the world” will be like them and, for example, they know that Amber Heard was Mena in Aquaman… when the truth is that the vast majority know her from other roles and from the trial that is taking place these days against Johnny Depp. It is what it is.

What should I know before watching Doctor Strange 2?

All this comes to mind because there have been several people who have approached me (again, personally or virtually) asking me “what do I have to watch to be prepared before the premiere of Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness”. Hard mission, no doubt. Hard but not impossible and, from La Casa de EL, we are going to carry out such a feat by making you a summary in which we will see the main plot milestones of films and series necessary to fully enjoy this new movie.

I repeat, “necessary to fully enjoy”, but not essential. Without having seen it yet (as I write this there are only a few days left to see it), I presume it will be a great fan event, although not to the level of the last Spider-Man movie, which means that if we go with our homework done, the pleasure will be greater. Undoubtedly.

Let’s get to it and, although I guess it won’t be necessary, notice that there will be many and varied spoilers (Of course, only the essentials).

What happened in the MCU before Doctor Strange 2?

spider-man versions

In “Spider-Man: No way home”, Dr. Strange (I have a hard time not calling him Dr. Strange) casts a spell to help Peter, but it gets out of hand and let’s say that it “leaves open” the doors of the multiverse.

Basically the Multiverse, in Marvel, is a kind of alternate realities that exist at the same time but totally independent (and disconnected from each other). They are created from a different decision or situation at a given time.

In the series What If…? all this is explored: What would have happened if…? For example, the super-soldier serum is not given to Steve Rogers but to Agent Carter; or what would have happened if Strange didn’t lose the use of his hands in the accident; and a long etcetera (including zombie plagues, for example). Obviously, the course of events changes completely (I assume that you know the origin of Dr. Strange and Captain America and that you have seen their respective films).


What MCU series to watch before Doctor Strange 2?

Finally, in WandaVision (which should have been the second series of Marvel TV but was broadcast in the first place), we see Wanda and The Vision living happily together… but in “Avengers: Endgame” we had seen that The Vision had “ dead” (disconnected would be the word). Making several spoilers of the series: Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, has not endured the pain of her lover’s death (and the recent death of her brother) and has gone mad. More or less subconsciously, she has used her power (“chaos magic”) to create a perfect and happy world with her husband. Obviously in the end this all blows up and she has to stop this fictional world.

Wandavision Pietro

In the middle, he made his brother Pietro appear, but the curious thing is that Marvel did not choose the actor we saw in the Avengers movies but (note) the actor who played Pietro in the X-Men franchise (the rights and those messes, you know). The case: although in the WandaVision series this did not have a major consequence, the fact is that for the fans, Marvel opened the Multiverse there for the MCUwhich, going through the Spider-Man movie and the What If…?, comes to the next Strange movie (which we will see if it is connected or not in the way that is hinted at in the trailer)

It would be worth mentioning the Loki series, where it was played (pretty bad, by the way) with all this multiverse: the concept of the Multiverse was explained to us, that there is a kind of “multiversal police” that takes care of the different threads so that there are no problems, etc. It seems that the second season of this series It will have a lot to do with the Strange movie.

Doctor Strange 2 Loki season 2

Impact? The multiverse can be used by writers as a huge wild card What is Iron Man dead? We bring in another actor/actress to play him on the excuse that he’s from another universe. Hence in the trailers and teaser From this movie we see characters from various universes (I won’t say who they are), Strange asking Wanda for help, etc.

And, finally, this is, in a nutshell, what should be seen to be able to understand everything which (we think) will appear in the “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” movie. We already have very few days left before we can go see it and find out if all the expectation it has raised will be worth it. what do you think?